Scientific exhibitions

The National Research Council of Italy has gained unique experience in the design and construction of scientific exhibitions, exhibits and interactive installations, in a wide variety of fields and contexts.

These exhibitions offer important opportunities for cultural growth and continuing education, bringing the scientific community closer to citizens. This mission falls within the statutory purposes of Cnr and contributes to the development of the "knowledge society".

The Cnr Communication Unit has developed a collection of exhibitions sorted by content, language ​​and type of interaction. Interactive science exhibitions with their 'hands-on' approach attract the public of all ages, starting from the very young, towards scientific issues, changing the idea of ​​science as a difficult or boring subject, and revealing phenomena that can be observed in everyday life.

Many installations are easy to handle and can be set up temporarily for specific events or dissemination initiatives organized at the premises of public or private bodies, institutions, cultural associations, and foundations, as well as in open spaces and places of culture.


Logo AquaeAquae - The future is in the ocean

Exhibition that illustrates the main characteristics of the marine environment, with a special focus on the use and conservation of its resources to foster sustainable development. Read more >>

Logo Scienza si fa bella'The beauty of science'

“The beauty of science” is aimed to further enhance the extensive heritage of interactive exhibits referring to the various Cnr exhibitions, offering new itineraries that cover different themes, locations, and purposes. Read more>>

Logo ArticoThe Arctic- Interactive journey to the North Pole

The exhibition presents physical and multimedia installations, interactive experiments, scientific tools, scale reproductions, documents, objects, and suggestive images. The public is guided to the discovery of the Arctic and its characteristics, and of the observed phenomena.Read more>>

Logo Elettronica di plasticaPlastic electronics

The exhibition, halfway between design and technology, is dedicated to bioelectronics, biosensing, electro-optical systems, energy conversion, advanced electronic devices, and circuits. Read more>>

Logo Italia del Futuro

Italy of the future

Scientific-interactive exhibition, created on the initiative of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the aim of presenting at an international level the innovations generated and pioneered by Italy. Read more>>

Logo Semplice e Complesso'Simple and Complex'. Interactive exhibition of complexity, disorder and chaos

A very topical exhibition that presents, in a fascinating way, a subject of high research which is, at the same time, at the basis of many experiences of everyday life: complexity.    Read more>>

Logo AgoraAgorà. Science and mathematics of the ancient Mediterranean

An interdisciplinary exhibition of great visual impact, which makes the visitor travel in space and time to discover the origins of Western scientific culture and the greatest scientists of ancient times.    Read more>>


Logo Meraviglie della ScienzaThe Wonders of Science

Interactive scientific exhibition that aims to bring visitors of all ages closer to the world of science and technology, through a playful approach.  Read more>>

Logo Laser

Laser. Light over the horizon

Highly spectacular exhibition characterized by an immersive environment that presents, through exhibits and suggestive installations, a long-lasting yet very topical technology: the laser. Read more>>


Other exhibitions, realized in collaboration with Cnr Press Office, focus on the narrative of science and the history of Cnr through its most eminent scholars.

Logo mostra Racconti e ritratti di medicina e malattia.

Tales and portraits of medicine and disease

The exhibition addresses the concepts of disease and medicine through the literary and visual narrative forms that have characterized different historical periods. Read more>>

Vito Volterra invito mostraVito Volterra. The courage of science

The exhibition shows documents, images, objects, and videos that recall the figure and work of Vito Volterra: the first president of Cnr. Read more>>

Logo Riscattiamo la scienza'Riscattiamo la scienza'

Exhibition deriving from the homonymous photographic competition launched by Cnr to celebrate the 90th anniversary (2013). Read more>>

In addition to these exhibitions, there are permanent installations organised within larger centres dedicated to science, such as museums and Science Centres throughout the Country, and collaborations in the context of scientific exhibitions organised by other institutions in Italy and abroad.

Logo La città dei bambini'La città dei bambini e dei ragazzi' of Genoa

'Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi' in Genoa, Italy, permanent science centre for children between 6 and 14 years old. Read more>>

Logo Natur.acqua water exhibition AmbienteParco of Brescia

An itinerary at the discovery of water as a resource, within AmbienteParco in Brescia, a permanent science centre dedicated to environmental sustainability.  Read more>>

Logo Cittadella Mediterranea della Scienza'The Mediterranean Citadel of Science'

The Mediterranean Citadel of Science in Bari is the first permanent science centre entirely designed and built by Cnr. Read more>>

Logo Italia: l'arte della scienzaItalia: the art of science

The exhibition explores the values, the economic-productive impact, and opportunities of the Italian "way of doing science", enhancing a scientific community of female scientists who are involved at leading positions in all areas of research. Read more>>

Logo Italia la bellezza della conoscenza

'Italia la bellezza della conoscenza'

Travelling exhibition that makes the immense cultural heritage of our Country known abroad, even in its intangible aspects: a quality of life among the best in the world, an extraordinary territory with elements of great modernity and glimpse of the future, its great thinkers. Read more>>



Last update: 20/12/2023