5DNanoPrinting, project for the innovative realization of nano and micro devices, granted 3.5 MEUR EU funding

News 13/10/2020

The National Research Council of Italy (Cnr) is partner of the project whose goal is to create an innovative technology for the rapid-prototyping realization of micro(nano)machines and components that will find several cutting-edge applications in fields like consumer electronics, automotive and healthcare. 5dNanoPrinting was granted a budget of 3.58 million euros under the EU’s Horizon 2020 FET Open Program

Riccardo Lanari received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society

News 01/10/2020

Riccardo Lanari, acting director of the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment (Cnr-Irea) of the Italian National Research Council - received the IEEE GRSS Fawwaz Ulaby Distinguished Achievement Award 2020

Cnr and AIP Publishing Sign Read and Publish Deal

News 30/09/2020

AIP Publishing, a leading not-for-profit scholarly publisher in the physical sciences, is pleased to announce a Read and Publish agreement with the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr): all researchers at Cnr-affiliated institutes throughout Italy will have access to the content in journals published by AIP Publishing (including those published on behalf of partners) from their first issues through the end of 2020

Plug-and-play lens simplifies adaptive optics for microscopy

Press release 10/09/2020

Researchers from Cnr-Nanotec in Lecce have demonstrated in a work published on Nature that a photon beam can drift laterally from its trajectory due to the topological curvature of its energy band, like if rolling on a cliff it could feel a different wind depending on its polarization state

Not only a matter of words: how defective translation can explain Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Press release 01/10/2020

The Institute of Biophysics of the National Research Council of Italy shed new light on a devastating genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The study, coordinated by Gabriella Viero (Cnr-Ibf), was an all-European effort in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, Utrecht and Trento and the Italian company Immagina Biotech. Published in Nature Cell Biology, this research was funded by AFM Telethon (France), Telethon (Italy), the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Caritro Foundation

From society to research

Institutional Area

Foresight is a interdepartmental project of the National Research Council of Italy, aimed at elaborating coherent research strategies and addressing socially relevant problems related to environment, health, food, enery, security and transportation

Closing ceremony of Esof 2020

Press release 06/09/2020

The city of Trieste hosted the 2020 edition of the Euroscience Open Forum, the biennial pan-european forum dedicated to scientific research and innovation. During the closing ceremony of September 6th, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte took part in a public demonstration of encrypted fiber optic communication with Italian quantum technology, performed for the first time in Italy. The demonstration was carried out by the "Quantum Communications" group of the National Research Council of Italy, thanks to the "Quantum FVG" project, funded by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and coordinated by the University of Trieste. The demonstration were introduced by the Cnr President Massimo Inguscio: “Research builds the future and will be an essential element for reconstruction. Quantum technologies represent a new transversal paradigm, which brings together different fields to offer completely new opportunities in sectors ranging from the simulation of new drugs and materials with quantum computers, to self-driving systems and precision agriculture with quantum sensors, up to the secure transmission of data with quantum communication. The CNR, with its multidisciplinarity, has taken up this challenge also in the European sphere and implements strategies in synergy with other research institutions, the university world, and businesses, to build a future based on knowledge and innovation"

"Probing safety of nano-objects by defining immune responses of environmental organisms"

Press review 08/09/2020

Advances in nanoparticle design have opened up a plethora of applications in medicine such as drug delivery and diagnosis. Therefore, it is of outmost importance to understand the impact of nanoparticles on immune response (not only in humans, but also in other species) and determine their environmental safety. This is the aim of the "Pandora"project, carried on by the National Research Council of Italy

The molecule of natural origin that inhibits SARS-CoV-2

Press release 03/09/2020

An international study involving the Institute of Nanotechnology of the Cnr has found that quercetin acts as a specific inhibitor for the virus responsible for Covid-19, showing a destabilizing effect on 3CLpro, one of the key proteins for virus replication. The study is published in the International journal of biological macromolecules

Cnr-Spin and Covid-19

Institutional area

The Cnr-Spin Institute launched a website aimed at understanding the current pandemic and providing support to scientists, policy makers and society at its large, by comparing and interpreting publicly available data with an original approach


Institutional area

Cnr-Isa is amongst the research partners of 'Stance4Health', a project funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 with tha aim of developing a complete Smart Personalized Nutrition (SPN) service based on the use of mobile technologies as well as tailored food production that will optimize the gut microbiota activity and long-term consumer engagement

Technology transfer office

Institutional area

Technology transfer represents the Cnr’s second mission, after the scientific research. Cnr-TTO is responsible for all the activities related to TT, namely protection of research results, IPR management and exploitation, promotion and support for spin-off creation, marketing and promotion of research results