Is being a chef really so stressful?

Press release 16/03/2020

Researchers investigate, for the first time, psychological distress in chefs and the relationship with health complaints. Job duration and length of the working day lead to negative effects on mental and/or physical illness, including musculoskeletal and cardiovascular complaints. These are the main results of the study involving 710 Italian chefs, promoted by the Italian Chefs Federation with the collaboration of Cnr-Irib, published on Frontiers public health

Plant respiration: controlled by photosynthesis or biomass?

News 01/03/2020

Italian researchers of the Institute for agriculture and forestry systems in the Mediterranean (Cnr-Isafom) are involved in a research study published on "Global Change Biology" aimed at understanding the mechanism of whole-plant respiration

Roberta Ramponi named "Robert E. Hopkins Leadership" Award Winner

News 13/03/2020

The director of the Institute for photonics and nanotechnologies (Cnr-Ifn) of the National Research Council of Italy Roberta Ramponi has been selected as the 2020 recipient of The Optical Society (OSA) Robert E. Hopkins Leadership Award for her leadership in the promotion and dissemination of optics and light-based technologies, and outstanding contributions in establishing a strategic vision for research and innovation in photonics in Europe

Physics supporting bone cancer diagnosis

News 04/03/2020

A collaboration between the Cnr Institute of biophysics and the University of Pisa has allowed to demonstrate that Raman spectroscopy is able to diagnose the various levels of malignancy of the chondrosarcoma

Olive Oil is good for the brain, especially during aging

Press release 25/02/2020

Identified the in vivo neural anti-aging role of a component of extra virgin olive oil, hydroxytyrosol, which is also present in abundance in processing waste. There were beneficial effects especially in the aging brain. The results published in Faseb Journal were demonstrated by a team of researchers from National Research Council of Italy (Cnr-Ibbc) and the University of Tuscia, Italy

Neuroprostheses and robotics: a paradigm shift to improve the efficacy of stroke rehabilitation and the restoration of motor function

News 19/02/2020

The use of advanced technological solutions exploiting robotic systems and electrodes that stimulate the nervous system can increase the efficacy of stroke rehabilitation and the restoration of motor function in patients: however, a paradigm shift requires deeper understanding of the mechanisms in how the nervous system performs or learns the different types of movements. This is the scientific perspective discussed in a research article by a group of international scientists led by the BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and École polytechnique fédérale of Lausanne, also participated by the Institute of Neuroscience of the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr-In)

Ocean coulour reveals the oceanic movements

News 07/02/2020

The Institute of Marine Sciences (Ismar) of Cnr (Rome, IT) coordinates the 'ocean CIRculation from ocean COLour observations' project, funded by the European Space Agency and conducted in collaboration with the Collecte Localisation Satellites (Toulouse, FR)

Solar Orbiter, the Italian instrument Metis is on board

News 06/02/2020

On the 9th of February, the European Space Agency Solar Orbiter mission was launched from Cape Canaveral. On board there was the Italian coronagraph Metis. The Ifn-Cnr Padova researchers have been involved in the design, realization and calibration of the instrument and they are now ready to support the coronagraph in-flight operation

Computers and electronics in agriculture: the 'GeOlive' tool

Event from 16/06/2020 to 18/06/2020

Within the Life+ research project 'Soilconsweb', the Cnr Institute for Mediterranean Agriculture and Forestry Systems (Cnr-Isafom) supported the realisation of an innovative, web-based geospatial Decision Support Systems (DSS) developed upon the open-source Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure (GCI) platform. 'GeOlive' can provide a very important web-based operational tool for olive growing as it better connects productivity and environmental sustainability

8th International Symposium 'Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas. Problems and Measurement Techniques'

Event from 16/06/2020 to18/06/2020

The Symposium 'Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas. Problems and Measurement Techniques' is organized by the National Research Council of Italy - Institutefor Bioeconomy (Cnr-Ibe) in collaboration with University Departments


Institutional area

Cnr-Isa is amongst the research partners of 'Stance4Health', a project funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 with tha aim of developing a complete Smart Personalized Nutrition (SPN) service based on the use of mobile technologies as well as tailored food production that will optimize the gut microbiota activity and long-term consumer engagement

Technology transfer office

Institutional area

Technology transfer represents the Cnr’s second mission, after the scientific research. Cnr-TTO is responsible for all the activities related to TT, namely protection of research results, IPR management and exploitation, promotion and support for spin-off creation, marketing and promotion of research results

Towards Fp9 - Cnr presents its 'Mission' proposals

Institutional Area

For a research institution such as Cnr, the EU Research Framework Programmes (FP) represent a fundamental tool to complement its institutional activities as well as to build and strengthen its scientific partnerships. This position paper introduces the Cnr priorities in terms of 'mission' within Horizon Europe (FP9)

The Bluemed italian paper

Institutional area

An overview of relevance, obstacles  and proposals of the key sectors for a blue growth, issued by the Cnr Bluemed Working Group