Towards Fp9 - Cnr presents its 'Mission' proposals

Institutional Area

Cnr is paying a lot of attention to the potential objectives and structure of the next Framework Programme. To this end, a new position paper was released, introducing the Cnr priorities in terms of 'Mission' as seems to be devised by the EC within Horizon Europe

How good (or bad) are 885 European cities in planning for climate change?

Press release 10/05/2018

A new study from a European-wide group of researchers, including the Institute of Metodologies for Environmental Analysis of Italian National Research Council, reports the state of local planning for climate change by collecting and analysing information about local climate mitigation and adaptation plans across 885 urban areas of the EU-28

Eni and Cnr combine research and innovation capabilities to tackle global challenges

Press release 07/05/2018

Over 20 million euro to establish four research centers in Southern Italy. The president of the National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR), Massimo Inguscio, and Eni Ceo, Claudio Descalzi, signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (Mou) to conduct joint research in four areas of high scientific and strategic interest: nuclear fusion, water, agriculture and the Arctic ecosystem

Eu-SPRI Early Career Researcher Conference (ECC)

Event from 26/09/2018 to 28/09/2018

Conference will take place in Rome on 26-27-28 September 2018, at Ircres-Cnr - Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth, 19, Via dei Taurini, Rome, Italy

Summer Course on 'Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics'

Event form 10/07/2018 to 18/07/2018

This 9-day- long summer course intends to provide basic knowledge about the functioning of the Critical Zone and its relationships with ecosystem dynamics, focusing on aspects related to hydrology, soil geochemistry and weathering, vegetation dynamics and distribution, microbiota, biodiversity, ecosystem processes

ExoMars TGO has reached its final orbit at Mars: CaSSIS primary scientific mission is starting

News 28/04/2018

CaSSIS (Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System) is a camera conceived to acquire high resolution images of the surface of Mars. Thanks to a rotation mechanism, the CaSSIS telescope is able to acquire stereo image pairs which allow the 3D reconstruction of the planet surface

Call of Expression of Interest for Intellectual Property Rights of Cnr

Institutional area

Cnr issued a call for expression of interest  for the IPR Portfolio. Eligible proposers are professionals, natural persons that exercise a business activity, companies of people that exercise business activities, limited companies, consortia among enterprises and other consortium organizations, cooperative companies, public and private research organizations, foundations, public-owned companies, as well as public bodies  carrying out industrial and/or research activities in the sectors related to the Cnr rights

Microplastic investigation in water and trophic chain along the Italian coast

Press note 23/04/2018

An activity report about the 'Less Plastic More Mediterranean' Campaign on board the Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace ship is available. The Campaign started from Genova (Liguria, Italy) on June 2017 with the scientific collaboration of the Institute of Marine Sciences of Cnr and the Polytechnic University of the Marche, to gather direct data and testimonies on pollution from plastic that afflicts our seas and informs public opinion about this serious problem

A European Manifesto 'More Funds for Research&Innovation'

News 05/04/2018

Within few months the EU Council will adopt the next Multiannual Financial Framework, which will set up the whole Union budget for 2021-27. Cnr, together with some of the most important Research Organizations and Academia overall Europe, conceived a 'Manifesto' which briefly describes the current EU landscape and underlines the need of a more competitive Europe: to endorse it, simply fill the form available

ARICE H2020 Project - Transnational Access Opportunity

News 13/04/2018

Within the Eu Project ARICE 'Arctic Research Icebreaker Consortium: a strategy for meeting the needs of marine-based research in the Arctic', in which Cnr is involved as partner of the consortium, call for ship-time proposals to access the icebreakers CCGS Amundsen, RV Sikuliaq and PRV Polarstern is now opened. Deadline for proposal submission: 5th of July 

Sacred waters, polluting sins

News 27/04/2018

Teco project, co-funded by European union and coordinated by Cnr, is supporting an exciting journey along Ganga river in India, from the mouth to the source, aiming at investigate the nexus between water sacredness and pollution, with final scope of raising awareness in the local population about the issues related to water pollution in India. 

Italian research, Miur's initiative to promote it in the world

Press review 20/04/2018

On the occasion of the Italian Research Day in the world, held on April 16th, the exhibition 'Italia, la bellezza della conoscenza', promoted by Maeci and set up by Cnr, was inaugurated in Rome. See also the Cnr video 

Prospecting Ocean by Armin Linke

Event from 23/05/2018 to 30/06/2018

TBA21–Academy in collaboration with Ismar-Cnr presents an investigative exhibition by the filmmaker and photographer Armin Linke exploring contemporary challenges facing our oceans