Researchers of the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources work in the African Rift Valley

News 21/03/2017

The African rift valley is one of the most fascinating natural wonders, known for its unique biodiversity and for being considered -for the important paleoanthropologic discoveries- the "cradle of mankind", i.e. the place where our species has evolved and diversified in the last few millions of years

60 years of Europe and 10 years of Erc

Event 07/04/2017

The intent to simultaneously celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome and the 10 years of Erc is based on the belief that if on one hand research has acquired a major role in the creation of a united Europe, on the other hand, the European Union allowed in the last 60 years the development of excellent research branded 'Europe'

14th IEEE International conference on networking, sensing and control

Event from 16/05/2017 to 18/05/2017

The 2017 IEEE International conference on networking, sensing and control will be held in Calabria, Southern Italy. This conference will provide a remarkable opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to address new challenges and share solutions, and discuss future research directions

Italian alpine glacier now accelerating after 7000 years

Press release 30/01/2017

Thanks to a 7000-year old ice core, the Idpa-Cnr and an international team have discovered that an alpine glacier is now accelerating due to atmospheric warming. The deepest part of the Mt. Ortles glacier (Eastern Italian Alps) has indeed started to move for the first time since the period of the Tyrolean Iceman. The study has been published in The Cryosphere

High Education, Consultancy Activity and Strengthening of Scientific Relations with Indian partners

News 16/03/2017

Gianfranco Tamburelli, researcher and team leader at Isgi-Cnr, is carrying out high education and consultancy activity at the Adamas University of Kolkata and at the Indian Law Institute of Delhi, with the aim of promoting the strengthening of international scientific cooperation between the CNR, and in particular the Institute for International Legal Research (ISGI), and the two Indian institutions

Nanocubes for early identification of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Press release 28/02/2017

The innovative method takes advantage of silver nanocrystals activated by laser, which allow a sensitive detection of molecular traces of neurodegenerative diseases. The method has been developed by a team, led by IFAC-CNR in Florence and including researchers from IMM-CNR of Catania, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the Saratov National Research State University (Russia). The study was published in the ACS Nano journal

Abscisic acid as a new human hormone regulating glycemia

Event 20/03/2017

Prof. Santina Bruzzone from the Department of Experimental Medicine, Universit√† degli studi di Genova, will give a seminar on  the role of abscisic acid (ABA), mainly known as a plant hormone, in the regulation of glycemia. She demonstrated that ABA is also a human hormone, regulating glycemia in humans through several mechanisms: i) by increasing insulin-independent muscle and adipose tissue glucose uptake; ii) by stimulating insulin release; iii) by stimulating the release of the incretin Glucagon Like Peptide-1.

Vitamins and aminoacids regulate stem cell biology

Press release 16/02/2017

An international research team coordinated by Igb-Cnr discovered a key role of Vitamins and amoinoacids in pluripotent stem cells. The research is published in Stem Cell Reports and may provide new insights in cancer biology and regenerative medicine

New technology to watch the sea in 3D

Press release 01/02/2017

‘Wave hunters’ discover that extreme waves are more frequent than previously thought. From a study by Ca’ Foscari and Ismar-Cnr, published in the Journal of Physical Oceanography, a project and a patent were born, measuring waves from platforms and ships

New hopes for pancreatic tumor from an antipsychotic drug

Press release 15/02/2017

Pancreatic ductal carcinoma is the most common tumor that affects this gland. Its recovery rates are minimal. New hopes are coming from a study published on Scientific Reports by the Nanotechnology Institute of CNR, unit of Rende, in collaboration with a team of French and Spanish researchers. A molecule long used to cure anxiety states has been found useful to interfere with the activity of a protein with disordered structure, involved in the development processes of pancreatic tumors

International Congress on Cork Oak Trees and Woodlands

Event from 25/05/2017 to 26/05/2017

The Department of Science for Nature and Environmental Resources of the University of Sassari, the Forestry and Wood Research Centre of the Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Economics and the Institute of Ecosystem Study of the National Research Council, organization unit of Sassari, are pleased to invite you to the 'International Congress on Cork Oak Trees and Woodlands: conservation, management, products and challenges for the future', coinciding with the 3° National Congress of Cork

Personality differences linked to differences in brain structure

Press release 26/01/2017

Our personality may be shaped by how our brain works, but in fact the shape of our brain can itself provide surprising clues about how we behave – and our risk of developing mental health disorders – suggests a study published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. The international research team involves Italian scientists from with Ibfm-Cnr, University Tor Vergata and University Magna Graecia

12th International Meeting on Yeast Apoptosis

Event from 14/05/2017 to 18/05/2017

Sergio Giannattasio, Istituto di biomembrane e bioenergetica del Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche - Cnr Bari - and Cristina Mazzoni - Dipartimento di biologia e biotecnologie Charles Darwin, Sapienza Universit√† di Roma - organize the 12th International Meeting on Yeast Apoptosis

The Chef's brain

Press release 03/03/2017

Researchers investigate, for the first time, whether the chef’s brain is different from general population. They report that chef-related expertise has shaped brain anatomy in a way to become faster in some motor and cognitive realms