Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

The most important research themes concerning the Cnr Department of Engineering, Ict and technologies (Diitet) deal with production systems and constructions, Ict, energy and transport, aerospace and applied mathematics. In addition, a great attention is devoted to the development of advanced technologies in the fields of information technology and cybersecurity, and the realization of electronic/optoelectronic devices with different application: medical diagnosis, culturale heritage preservation, and monitoring of food quality, water, soil, forest, as well as infrastructures.

 The research fields alsoi nclude nanotechnologies and advanced materials for the application in medicine and environmental issues; the development of advanced solutions for the improvement of production systems (“factories of the future”); intelligent and sustainable mobility, traceability of production and distribution network in different market sectors.

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The last issue of CNR-ISTI Newsletter is out!

Institutional area

The issue n. 13 of the newsletter of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies "Alessandro Faedo" (CNR-ISTI) of the National Council of Research of Italy based in Pisa highlights the scientific results of the first six months of this year. Moreover, it contains the Editorial on Conversing with machines (The rise of ChatGPT and the future of research on Large Language Models), a Cover Story on Making Open Science the new 'normality', and the announce of prestigious awards presented to some of CNR-ISTI researchers

The project "SINTETIC" for single item identification for forest production, protection and management, kicks off

News 12/06/2023

The project will develop a new system that will enable customers buying wood products to track them all the way back to the individual trees in the forest from which they were made and its scheme will be able to trace along the full length of the forest value chain, trees, logs, and wooden boards – using five different but integrated tracking systems. The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) takes part in the project with the Institute of BioEconomy (Cnr-Ibe) as the Cnr leading proponent, and the Institute of informatics and telematics (Cnr-Iit)

TIM and Cnr sign a cooperation agreement to foster the development of the cities of the future

Press release 15/05/2023

The collaboration will focus on scientific research and joint projects in the field of Urban Intelligence and Smart Cities 

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-based Antenna and Field Measurements

News 24/03/2023

"Tango" is a new EU funded project set to strengthen the leadership of Europe in human-centric AI: 21 partner organisations from 9 countries across Europe join forces to lay a breakthrough theoretical foundation for enabling this transition and develop the computational framework for effective human-machine learning and decision making

Applied Bayesian Statistics Summer School

Institutional area

The topic chosen for the 2023 school is: Bayesian Causal Inference. The course is organized by Cnr-Imati Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of the Council of the National Researches of Italy and will be held next 12-16 June 2023. The aim of this course is to introduce the fundamental concepts and state-of-art methods for causal inference under the potential outcome framework. The lectures will be organized by the treatment assignment mechanisms. Topics will cover randomized experiments, observational studies with ignorable assignment mechanisms, natural experiments, sequential ignorable longitudinal treatments

Special issue: innovative approaches in reshaping the supply chain for societal challenges

Institutional area

Guest Editors: Rosanna Fornasiero (CNR-IEIIT), Andrea Zangiacomi (CNR-STIIMA), Tatsushi Nishi, Toshiya Kaihara. We are pleased to invite you to contribute to the special issue Innovative approaches in reshaping the Supply Chain for societal challenges of the journal Production Planning and Control (Impact Factor: 7,044). The aim of this special issue is to reflect on the evolution of Supply Chain towards the Industry5.0 paradigm enhancing the active role of different Supply Chain stakeholders such as workers, consumers and citizens and leveraging digital technologies. In particular, it is necessary to fill the gap by collecting recent advancements in research and the application of interdisciplinary and innovative studies going beyond the factory level to address Supply Chain with the specific aim to reshape it for societal challenges