Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

The most important research themes concerning the Cnr Department of Engineering, Ict and technologies (Diitet) deal with production systems and constructions, Ict, energy and transport, aerospace and applied mathematics. In addition, a great attention is devoted to the development of advanced technologies in the fields of information technology and cybersecurity, and the realization of electronic/optoelectronic devices with different application: medical diagnosis, culturale heritage preservation, and monitoring of food quality, water, soil, forest, as well as infrastructures.

 The research fields alsoi nclude nanotechnologies and advanced materials for the application in medicine and environmental issues; the development of advanced solutions for the improvement of production systems (“factories of the future”); intelligent and sustainable mobility, traceability of production and distribution network in different market sectors.

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The first year of "Sintetic". Tracking timber flow for a more efficient and suistainable forestry value chain

News 03/06/2024

On 14-16 May 2024 "Sintetic" Project annual meeting took place in Brasov (Romania) hosted by two project partners, the Transilvania University of Brasov and ASFOR. "Sintetic" is an innovative project that aims to provide a comprehensive data management system for the entire EU forest value chain. Cnr is involved in the study with the Institute for Bioeconomics (Cnr-Ibe), lead for Cnr, and the Institute of Informatics and Telematics (Cnr-Iit)

Trapping light, a new paradigm in Photonics

Press release 27/02/2024

An international study involving Italian researchers of the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems of the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr) opens new avenues for trapping and converting light energy. Published on Nature, the research could facilitate developments in quantum technology, high-resolution imaging, and photonic devices

A miniaturized, implantable multi-sensors device to monitor vessels health

News 15/05/2024

The EU-funded project IV-Lab has received more than 4 million euros from the European Innovation Council (EIC). The device will empower physicians to deliver timely and personalized treatment. The National Research Council of Italy is involved in the research consortium, led by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Digitalization and Automation boost Energy Materials Research

News 14/02/2024

On January 24-25, the Cnr headquarters in Rome hosted the JP AMPEA-DfE & COST-Action EU-MACE workshop "Digitalization and Automation boost Energy Materials Research". The event was organized by the Joint Programs 'Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy Applications' and 'Digitalization for Energy' of the European Energy Research Alliance-EERA, in collaboration with COST-Action 222123 'European Materials Acceleration Center for Energy. Experts, researchers, and innovators from diverse parts of the world gathered to share the latest and most innovative technologies revolutionizing materials science

The VISIONE system won the Video Browser Showdown 2024

News 13/02/20024

The VISIONE system, developed by Cnr-Isti, ranked first at the 13th Video Browser Showdown (VBS2024), an international competition in interactive video retrieval. In particular, VISIONE scored as the best interactive video search system in four, out of the seven, tasks carried out in the competition by both expert and novice users, and resulted the overall winner of the competition

The latest issue of ISTI News

Institutional area

The latest issue of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies "Alessandro Faedo" (CNR-ISTI) News is out: Issue 14 highlights the scientific results of the last six months of the year 2023. Moreover, it contains the Editorial on “2024: Opening up to the new year with excellent results”, a Cover Story on “The Current European Digital Scenario” and the announce of a few prestigious awards presented to ISTI colleagues