Plastic electronics

’Plastic Electronics’ is an exhibition, halfway between design and technology, dedicated to bioelectronics, biosensing, electro-optical systems, energy conversion, advanced electronic devices, and circuits.

Presented for the first time in Naples from 28 June to 22 July 2016, at the museum of the Plart Foundation, the exhibition was an opportunity for researchers to interact directly with the public and show the results of their work, by means of a reading made more captivating by the shapes and colours of design. The exhibition is focused on the concepts of flexibility, miniaturization, transparency, biodegradability, efficiency.

Designed and built by several Cnr research groups in collaboration with the Communication Unit, 'Plastic Electronics' was presented at the third edition of the scientific workshop 'Surfaces, Interfaces and Functionalization Processes in Organic Compounds and Applications' (SINFO), organized by Cnr and hosted by the Polytechnic and Basic Sciences School, at the Federico II University of Naples from 27 to 29 June 2016.

The exhibition intends to integrate the scientific and the artistic approach, through the presentation of technological devices, images, and photographs. The contents and applications of the exhibition focus on the development of flexible electronic devices, and the applications of research in these specific fields of activity: organic photovoltaic cells, oled for lighting, advanced biocompatible sensors able to interact with the living matter to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies.

Last update: 14/07/2022