Agreements and Partnerships

National Research Council of Italy is committed to assure the Nation a knowledge-based development. To reach this goal -  that means also realising Italian social-economic and environmental aims as well as the expectations of citizens -  Research, innovation, education and training must be strictly and totally involved.

Thus, to support civil society in its requests and development  (Health, Environment, Cultural Heritage, Energy, Transportation, Public Security, Life Quality)  Cnr has created  network-structured collaborations with Regional Goverment and Local Authorities by  Framework Agreements and Operating Agreements. These initiatives represent a notable example of how much Cnr can satisfy national development objectives by engaging its own technical and scientific resources.

So, this section of the site has been wanted and conceived to give the highest visibility to Cnr agreements and objectives, Steering Committees, activities in progress.

It's recommended and preferred that Cnr community interacts  - also directly - sending proposals and suggestions to improve and enhance relationships between Cnr and the Italian Regions.

Following, the list of Cnr Agreements with: :

  • Local Authorities
  • Major Enterprises
  • Research boards
  • Foundations and Associations
  • National Central Administrations
  • Other boards
  • Universities/Polytechnic Universities
  • Consortia


Data source: Cnr - Shareholdings and Agreements Unit

Last update: 08/11/2023