The National Research Council of Italy pays a particular attention to the cooperation with the industrial system. Actions include joint research programmes, research contracts, consulting, licensing and patent releases, foundation of research consortia and spin off companies, and many other initiatives aimed at enhancing the technology transfer processes to companies and business sectors.

A specific Structure devoted to Technology Transfer and Valorisation of research coordinates and connects the Cnr activities as regards the following topics: marketing research; intellectual property rights protection management and enhancement through the setting up of new technological enterprises; design and implementation of the technology transfer processes. 

Pier Giorgio Merli (S)TEM School 2018

Event, 19-23/11/2018

The 7th edition of the “Pier Giorgio Merli” Transmission Electron Microscopy School, jointly organised by SISM and CNR-IMM, in two full weeks, will provide students and researchers with a qualified introduction to TEM and STEM techniques for materials science.

Sitis 2018, 14th International conference on signal image technology & internet based system

Event 26-29/11/2018

Sitis 2018 is focused on technologies used to share and process information, ranging from signal, image, and multimedia data to traditional structured data and semi-structured data found in the web. The conference aims to provide a forum for high quality research activities on signal image & vision technologies, Intelligent web computing and applications, heterogeneous networks and their applications

Games and learning conference (Gala Conf) 2018

Event, 05 - 07/12/2018

The Games and learning conference (Gala Conf) 2018 will be held in Palermo, Italy, 5-7 december 2018, hosted by Cnr-Itd. The conference will feature nine oral sessions and one poster session. The keynotes will be  Dirk Ifenthaler, University of Mannheim and Curtin University and Georgios N. Yannakakis, Institute of Digital Games of the University of Malta

European technology transfer offices circle

Institutional Area

Cnr is partner of TTO CIRCLE sponsored by the JRC of the European Commission. This European network was established with the aim to bring together the major European public research organisations in order to play a collective role in driving changes to the Technology Transfer landscape in Europe. TTO is composed by leading European public research organisations (PROs), involving European technology transfer structures of the major national research institutions

Cnr research spin-off: Mivoq

Institutional Area

Mivoq (Mimic Voice Quest) is a spin-off company from Cnr. The company core business is the development of specific services in the field of information technology and particularly of text-To-Speech (TTS) technologies for any business

Call of Expression of Interest for Intellectual Property Rights of Cnr

Institutional Area

Cnr issued a call for expression of interest  for the IPR Portfolio. Eligible proposers are professionals, natural persons that exercise a business activity, companies of people that exercise business activities, limited companies, consortia among enterprises and other consortium organizations, cooperative companies, public and private research organizations, foundations, public-owned companies, as well as public bodies  carrying out industrial and/or research activities in the sectors related to the Cnr rights

Winter college on applications of optics and photonics in food science

Event 11-22/02/2019

The Winter college will offer Ph.D. students and other emerging researchers broad training in the innovative applications of optics and photonics in food and agriculture.Deriving impact through research, development and entrepreneurship in this sector will be explored.  

Promozione e marketing

Institutional Area

"Vetrina dei brevetti" of public research is a valorisation service to enhance market value of scientific research and technological development achieved by Research Institutions and Universities. This pilot initiative is a joint effort made by the COTEC Foundation and Unioncamere to facilitate easier SMEs access and use of patents generated by public research institutions