With a scientific network largely distributed all over Italy, embracing a wide variety of research topics –energy management, medicine, environment, food and agribusiness, life sciences, physics, Ict and more- the National Research Council of Italy has a unique background of knowledge and skills to be exploited by society at all levels. 

Sharing its best results and know-how, Cnr contributes in fostering new opportunities of growth and social development fot the whole Country.


II International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

Event from 15/09/2019 to18/09/2019

The Cnr Institute of polymers, composites and biomaterials (Ipcb) oganises the II International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, which will be held in Capri (Naples), Italy, from 15 to 18  september. The Conference will gather together experts from the scientific and industrial communities, policy makers and environmental organizations

Scientific and interactive exhibitions

Institutional area

By organizing exhibitions, the National Research Council aims to provide new opportunities for cultural growth and renovation by starting a dialogue with the audience of all ages and contributing to the development of the knowledge society

Cnr Publishing

Institutional area

Cnr publishing activity consists of institutional documentation, scientific serial collections, Conference Proceedings, outreach and educational products, scientific games

Farmers squeezed by olive tree disease sell presses

Press review 05/08/2019

Farmers in Puglia are selling their olive oil presses after a deadly bacterial disease (Xylella) infected 20 million olive trees, devastating a vital sector of Italian agriculture and causing more than £1 billion of damage. Pierfederico La Notte, a researcher of Cnr-Ipsp, is  seeking a cure

Cnr History

Institutional Area

The National Research Council of Italy was founded as legal person on 18 November 1923 (Royal Decree 2440/1923). Originally, it became member of the International Research Council, with offices in Brussels

Science Communication

Institutional Area

Part of the Cnr activities are devoted to the dissemination of science, with the aim of stimulating public knowledge and excitement around the research activities of its scientific community

Cnr Libraries

Institutional Area

This section offers information on the Cnr libraries located in the Research areas which are connected to various research Institutes located all over Italy

The Epic search for oldest ice in Antarctica is starting

Press nota 04/06/2019

On 1st June 2019 the European Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice Core project started with the aim of drilling for and recovering ice from up to 1.5 Million years ago in Antarctica