With a scientific network largely distributed all over Italy, embracing a wide variety of research topics –energy management, medicine, environment, food and agribusiness, life sciences, physics, Ict and more- the National Research Council of Italy has a unique background of knowledge and skills to be exploited by society at all levels. 

Sharing its best results and know-how, Cnr contributes in fostering new opportunities of growth and social development fot the whole Country.


Scientific cooperation, agreements signed between Cnr and Russian institutions

Press review 16/07/2018

Strengthening the scientific relationships between Italy and Russia to encourage the exchange of ideas and scientific and technological skills between the two countries. With this purpose, the Italian National Research Council and two Russian research institutions, the Russian Academy of Science and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, have formalized their new partnerships. The collaborations between the two countries will concern several different scientific areas and will involve the researchers from the two countries through bilateral and multilateral projects

How good (or bad) are 885 European cities in planning for climate change?

Press release 10/05/2018

A new study from a European-wide group of researchers, including the Institute of Metodologies for Environmental Analysis of Italian National Research Council, reports the state of local planning for climate change by collecting and analysing information about local climate mitigation and adaptation plans across 885 urban areas of the EU-28

Prospecting Ocean by Armin Linke

Event from 23/05/2018 to 30/06/2018

TBA21–Academy in collaboration with Ismar-Cnr presents an investigative exhibition by the filmmaker and photographer Armin Linke exploring contemporary challenges facing our oceans

Microplastic investigation in water and trophic chain along the Italian coast

Press note 23/04/2018

An activity report about the 'Less Plastic More Mediterranean' Campaign on board the Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace ship is available. The Campaign started from Genova (Liguria, Italy) on June 2017 with the scientific collaboration of the Institute of Marine Sciences of Cnr and the Polytechnic University of the Marche, to gather direct data and testimonies on pollution from plastic that afflicts our seas and informs public opinion about this serious problem

Cnr History

Institutional Area

The National Research Council of Italy was founded as legal person on 18 November 1923 (Royal Decree 2440/1923). Originally, it became member of the International Research Council, with offices in Brussels

Sentinel-1 provides insight on the 2017 Ischia Earthquake

Press review 22/03/2017

The 2017 Ischia earthquake represents the largest seismic event ever observed with modern techniques over the island. The Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment (IREA) of the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr), activated by the Department of Civil Protection (DPC) as Centre of Competence in radar data processing, analysed and measured the Earth surface displacements induced by the earthquake using Sentinel-1 and COSMO-SkyMed data

Sacred waters, polluting sins

News 27/04/2018

Teco project, co-funded by European union and coordinated by Cnr, is supporting an exciting journey along Ganga river in India, from the mouth to the source, aiming at investigate the nexus between water sacredness and pollution, with final scope of raising awareness in the local population about the issues related to water pollution in India.

ExoMars TGO has reached its final orbit at Mars: CaSSIS primary scientific mission is starting

News 28/04/2018

CaSSIS (Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System) is a camera conceived to acquire high resolution images of the surface of Mars. Thanks to a rotation mechanism, the CaSSIS telescope is able to acquire stereo image pairs which allow the 3D reconstruction of the planet surface

Desci, Developing and Evaluating Skills for Creativity and Innovation

Video november 2017

At the central headquarters of Cnr, in Rome, took place an event titled 'Alternating training Laboratory', organised by the Institute for researchon Population and Social Policies (Irpps-Cnr) within the Erasmus Plus Project DESCI - Developing and Evaluating Skills for Creativity and Innovation

A simulation unveils the origin of the first biological molecules

Press release 04/04/2018

Researchers of the Institute for chemical-physical processes of the National research council of Messina in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic of Brno and the Sorbonne of Paris have carried out a numerical experiment, through advanced computational techniques, showing the chemical process which could have determined the primordial synthesis of erythrose, a direct precursor of ribose, the sugar that makes up RNA, thus shedding light on the origin of the first biological molecules and therefore on the beginning of life on Earth. The results have been published on Chemical Communications of the Royal Society of Chemistry

7th International symposium 'Monitoring of Mediterranean coastal areas: problems and measurement techniques'

Event from 19/06/2018 to 21/06/2018

The Institute of Biometeorology - National Research Council of Italy (Ibimet-Cnr) is organizing, in collaboration with other Cnr Institutes and University Departments, the seventh International Symposium: 'Monitoring of Mediterranean coastal Areas: problems and measurement techniques'

Science Communication

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Part of the Cnr activities are
devoted to the dissemination of science, with
the aim of stimulating
public knowledge and excitement around the research
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Cnr Libraries

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This section offers information on the Cnr libraries located in the Research areas which are connected to various research Institutes located all over Italy