With a scientific network largely distributed all over Italy, embracing a wide variety of research topics –energy management, medicine, environment, food and agribusiness, life sciences, physics, Ict and more- the National Research Council of Italy has a unique background of knowledge and skills to be exploited by society at all levels. 

Sharing its best results and know-how, Cnr contributes in fostering new opportunities of growth and social development fot the whole Country.


High-resolution geophysical survey confirms the deep Beyond EPICA ice-core drilling sites

Press review 08/11/2019

In the context of the European Union project Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice Core: 1.5 Myr of greenhouse gas – climate feedback (Beyond EPICA), experts from 12 institutions in ten European countries coordinated by Prof. Carlo Barbante from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the Institute of Polar Sciences of the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr-Isp) in Venice, have finally confirmed the site for future ice core drilling operations in East Antarctica

Cnr Publishing

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Cnr publishing activity consists of institutional documentation, scientific serial collections, Conference Proceedings, outreach and educational products, scientific games

Cnr Libraries

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This section offers information on the Cnr libraries located in the Research areas which are connected to various research Institutes located all over Italy

Towards a circular economy: interview with Nicola Armaroli

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Nicola Armaroli, research director at the National Research Council of Italy and member of the Sunrise consortium (Solar energy for a circular economy), explains how the solar energy can contribute to make the circular economy a reality. The interview is published on the Sunrise website

Regional workshop - Mediterranean - UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

Event from 21/01/2020 to 23/01/2020

This event will provide a forum to gather up to 100 ocean key stakeholders that are active in the Mediterranean region. The Mediterranean Workshop offers a crucial opportunity to co-design mission-oriented research strategies in line with the 2030 Agenda, the BLUEMED Initiative

Science Communication

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Part of the Cnr activities are devoted to the dissemination of science, with the aim of stimulating public knowledge and excitement around the research activities of its scientific community

Scientific and interactive exhibitions

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By organizing exhibitions, the National Research Council aims to provide new opportunities for cultural growth and renovation by starting a dialogue with the audience of all ages and contributing to the development of the knowledge society

Cnr History

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The National Research Council of Italy was founded as legal person on 18 November 1923 (Royal Decree 2440/1923). Originally, it became member of the International Research Council, with offices in Brussels