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Cnr edits several journals and newsletters to which you can subscribe, usually for free, directly from the websites of the institutes that produce them.This page, created with the aim of making such contributions quickly reachable and accessible to citizens and researchers, contains some of the journals and newsletters sent and transmitted from the network Cnr (departments, institutes, etc) that provide news and updates on topics of their interest.


Testata rivista Heritage
[ISSN 2571-9408]

International, peer-reviewed, open access multidisciplinary journal of cultural and natural heritage science published quarterly by MDPI. It is indexed within Scopus, ESCI (Web of Science) and other databases. It is focused on the topics of knowledge, conservation, management and protection of cultural and natural heritage, with a holistic approach encompassing  technologies, best practices and social sciences. "Heritage" was founded in 2018 by Nicola Masini (Cnr-Ispc) and Francesco Soldovieri (Cnr-Irea), who are also its Editor in Chief; the idea was to consider and estabilsih synergistic connections between different disciplines, technologies, application scenarios, approaches (from multidisciplinary to trans disciplinary), thus enhancing cultural and natural heritage domain as a frontier area for new methodological and technological advances of  interest also for other knowledge domains.

Testata rivista Rivista Italiana di Informatica e Diritto (RIID)
[ISSN 2704-7318]

The Rivista Italiana di Informatica e Diritto (RIID) is a scientific telematic open access journal published by the Institute of legal informatics and judicial systems (Cnr-Igsg) of the National Research Council of Italy. RIID publishes contributions on the subjects of legal informatics and information technology law, studies and critical analyzes both on the application of ICTs in the field of law and on ICTs regulation.

Logo rivista Ipof Italian Paper on Federalism  
[ISSN 2281-9339]

Online journal published by the Institute for the study of regionalism, federalism and self-government “Massimo Severo Giannini” (Cnr-Issirfa), founded in 2011 and covering the topics of regionalism, federalism, local self-government as well as European and supranational integration processes. More generally, the Journal deals with issues related to constitutional orders characterized by the principle of decentralisation and by pluralism of territorial institutions, also from an historical perspective and resorting to the comparative method.


Rivista Itd-Cnr

Italian Journal of Educational Technology (IJET)
[ISSN (print) 2532-4632 | ISSN (online) 2532-7720]
Four-monthly open access journal of the Cnr Institute for educational technology (Cnr-Itd) that publishes theoretical perspectives, review articles, methodological developments, empirical research and best practice in the field of education and technology. All contents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.Readers have free online access to the contents of all issues of the journal. A print edition of IJET is also available for purchase, either on a subscription or single issue basis.

Cover RiMe RiMe
[ISSN 2035-794X]

Electronic Journal of studies on the Mediterranean Sea, founded by the Cnr Institute of history of Mediterranean Europe (Cnr-Isem) open to contributions of historical, literary, linguistic, philological, philosophical and anthropological character.

Cover Journal of Limnology

Journal of Limnology
[ISSN 1129-5767; e-ISSN 1723-8633]

Four-monthly open access journal of the Cnr Institute of ecosystems study (Cnr-Ise) about all aspects of limnology. The scope of the Journal of Limnology comprises the ecology, biology, microbiology,physics and chemistry of freshwaters, including the impact of human activities, management and conservation. Coverage includes molecular, organism, community, and ecosystem-level studies both applied and theoretical.


[ISSN 2282-2259]

The journal, edited by Institute of crystallography (Cnr-Ic) aims to disseminate technological innovations carried out by the research institutes of the National Research Council of Italy, particularly in the disciplinary areas of information technology to support scientific research, dissemination and teaching. In special sections, articles will be received on the innovation of scientific research instruments made by Cnr research groups.

Irpps e-publishing

Irpps Working Papers [ISSN 2240-7302] and Irpps Monographs are published by the Cnr Institute of research on population and social policies (Cnr-Irpps) and open to the collaboration of external scholars and researchers. All contributions are submitted to a review process and are available according to the Open Access publication templates. For more information: cover journal cultural heritage

Journal of Cultural Heritage

The Journal of Cultural Heritage (JCH) [ISSN 1296-2074] is a bi-monthly multidisciplinary journal of science and technology for studying problems concerning conservation and awareness of cultural heritage in a wide framework. The Journal is published by the Cnr Institute of condensed matter and energy technologies (Cnr-Icmate) and the Editions Elsevier Masson (France). Editor in chief: Patrizia Tomasin (Cnr-Icmate), editors: Paolo Guerriero (Cnr-Icmate), Eleonora Maria Stella (Cnr-Ispc). 

Logo of the RTH Journal


Research Trends in HumanitiesEducation & Philosophy (RTH)

RTH [ISSN 2284-0184] is an open access annual journal devoted to the recent advances in Education and Philosophy research, as well as to the interaction between Humanities and Performing Arts.  This peer-reviewed publication, a ‘Class A’ journal for Education as ranked by ANVUR,  is open to contributions in both Italian and English language. RTH is edited by the Section of Philosophy of the Department of Humanities of the University of Naples Federico II, in collaboration with the Institute for the history of philosophical and scientific modern thought (Cnr-Ispf) of the National Research Council of Italy, under the joint scientific direction of Rosario Diana (Cnr-Ispf) and Flavia Santoianni (Unina). For more information:

Logo Maritime Safety Security Law Journal

Maritime Safety and Security Law Journal

The Maritime Safety and Security Law Journal, edited by Cnr Institute of International Legal Studies (Cnr-Isgi), is an open access, peer reviewed journal, published in english [ISSN 2464-9724]. The MarSafeLaw Journal highlights the most recent and relevant developments in the field of maritime safety and security from different legal perspectives (notably law of the sea, environmental law, immigration law, human rights law, international criminal law and other relevant sectors). Special emphasis is placed on timely topics, recent judicial decisions, new legislation and current law reform proposals in the field of maritime safety and security. For more information:

Logo Ipsf Lab

ISPF Lab - Laboratorio dell'Istituto per la storia del pensiero filosofico e scientifico moderno 
[ISSN 1824-9817]

The Laboratorio dell’ISPF (ISPF-Lab) is the online journal of the Institute for the History of Philosophy and Science in Modern Age of the Italian National Research Council (Cnr-Ispf). Issued since 2004, it publishes classic texts and original contributions (essays and research instruments) in the fields of philosophy and the humanities. Since 2012, it hosts a section dedicated to materials produced by the ISPF Observatory on the Humanities. The journal accepts articles in Italian and in other languages, with no charges for the authors,  accepted after a peer review process, published under a Creative Commons license (except for rare cases of materials granted to our journal with a limited licence) and compliant with the standards of the Budapest Initiative for Open Access. For more information:




Cnr-Isp Newsletter Logo Isp Newsletter 
The newsletter of the Institute of Polar Sciences (Cnr-Isp) aims to be a new outreach window to provide you with the updates on the Institute activities, research highlights, information about events and opportunities concerning national and international polar research. Subscription on
Logo Cnr Institute for Construction Technologies (Cnr-Itc)

Itc Newsletter
The Institute for Construction Technologies (Cnr-Itc) newsletter addresses the research community, as well as enterprises and citizens. It aims at communicating and disseminating the Institute’s research topics, project activities, new knowledge related to the constructions’ field, events and training activities organized and promoted by its staff. Subscription form on For further information:

Imaa Newsletter

Imaa Newsletter
Newsletter of the Cnr-Institute of methodologies for environmental analysis, with expert contributions and focus on specific topics related to environmental protection.

For information :

ICS Newsletter Isc Newsletter

Newsletter of the Cnr-Institute for complex systems, with news about research activities, publications, announcements and opportunities.

For information :

Ise Newsletter Ise Newsletter
Newsletter of the Cnr-Institute for Ecosystem Study of Verbania Pallanza, to disseminate and share information, news, events related to the activities.
Logo Dal Mediterraneo agli Oceani

'Dal Mediterraneo agli Oceani'
Bi-monthly newsletter of the Cnr Institute of Mediterranean Studies (Cnr-ISMed) in collaboration with the University of Milan. Designed in 1999 by Giuseppe Bellini, Clara Camplani and Patrizia Spinato, it intends to inform the international community of Spanish and Hispanic-Americans about the group's activities, update on the main bibliographical news, and promoting book reviews and recommendations. The Newsletter is structured in different sections, ranging from the internal activities of the research center to external initiatives, from bibliographic reports to an in-depth column entitled La Pagina.
For information :

  Issirfa Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Institute for the study of regionalism, federalism and self-government “Massimo Severo Giannini” (Cnr-Issirfa) sets up a new form of communication, dissemination, and information on research activities, projects, events and collaborations about regionalism, federalism and local autonomies. To subscribe, and also receive events alerts, a form is available at the website
For information :,

Isti News

Isti News
The biannual newsletter of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies "A. Faedo" collects contributions from the Institute's researchers. Each issue contains a cover story, an editorial, articles on new projects and scientific papers, 'software and tools', innovation, awards and achievements, Isti-Cnr activities, and events. For information contact:

Itm Newsletter Itm Newsletter 
The newsletter of the Institute of Membrane Technology (Cnr-Itm) disseminates and reports the main research activities, events, projects, bilateral exchanges and published articles.The newsletter has a long history, being the first one edited in 2007, and it's now available in a new format visible on different electronic devices. For information: 


Bimonthly newsletter for popularization of mathematics promoted within MaddMaths, an initiative that the National Research Council of Italy participates via the Institute for the Application of the Calculation "Mauro Picone. To receive 'Madd-letter' you can subscribe to the readers group (Madd-Group).


Qui Bruxelles
Newsletter edited by the branch office European and International Relations in Brussels with reports and worries about European initiatives.Access is currently only reserved to users with Cnr- SIPER Credentials.

Logo Newsletter Ibisba


News Snippets
The official quarterly newsletter of Ibisba, a European-distributed research infrastructure that links up best-in-class R&D facilities providing multi-technology services to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial needs. The National Research Council of Italy participates in the network with four of its research institutes: Ibbr, Ispaa, Isa and Ibba. 

Logo of the as CDE Documentation Center Newsletter


CDE Documentation Letter Newsletter
Cnr, with the "Guglielmo Marconi" library based in the Rome central headquarters, is partner of the CDE Documentation Center, a network providing information about opportunities, initiatives and events promoted by the European Commission. The CDE newsletter is edited monthly, here is the link to subscribe

Media partnership

logo rivista 'Sapere'  - Edizioni Dedalo



Cnr is a media partner of the historical science dissemination magazine published by Edizioni Dedalo, which aims to tell science through the direct voice of its protagonists.

Mondadori - Archimede


Cnr is a media partner of the journal for pure and applied teachers and mathematicians, published by Le Monnier, Mondadori Education Group.

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