Prevention and Protection Service

The Prevention and Protection Service of the Cnr gives addresses and consultation to the scientific network and to administrative structures of the Cnr, for a continuous development of the conditions of both working environment and labour processes.

In the current organizational framework of the Cnr, the Prevention and Protection Service is a technical structure related to the Central Directorate of Scientific Network and Infrastructures support. The service conducts activities regarding job security and hygiene, and it is involved in the assessment of the working risks, elaborating preventive and protective measures and providing training activities. The structure operates through a network located in different Research areas.

The Prevention and Protection service also manages the arrangement and organization of the health surveillance of the workers of this institution, in accordance with the regulation in force, and the coordination of the activities regarding radioprotection. Moreover, it is called upon to give its opinions and consultation about building and plant engineering works, in matters within its competence.

Among the services provided are to mention:

  • Environmental monitoring activities ( microclimate measures; exposure to chemical substances and biological agents measures; checking of illumination, evaluation of noise, electromagnetic fields and ionising radiation exposure, etc. );
  • Realization of guidelines and update of specific documentation for the evaluation of risks;
  • Evaluation, as regards safety and environmental health, of the projects for new settlement and renovation of Cnr’s offices;
  • Organization and realization of information material and training programmes on safety and prevention in working environment for workers, directors and workers’ representatives for safety;
  • E-learning training through the Cnr e-learning platform, focused the themes of health and safety in the working environmental:
  • Advices on waste management and electronic waste tracking system ( SISTRI);

Lastly, the Prevention and Protection Service is committed to health promotion activities, structured in specific programmes designed especially for employees, and it has realized disease preventive actions, also for those diseases which have not a working origin, by aligning itself with the most interesting and advances experiences.

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Last update: 19/12/2019