Transparent administration

Transparency, as a tool to guarantee the good performance and impartiality of institutions, characterizes the public administration in Italy and is governed by rules, directives and guidelines issued over the years. Informations are therefore in italian.

The section 'Transparent Administration' - hiterto organized according the provisions of D.lgs 14 marzo 2013 n. 33 - 'Reorganization of the discipline concerning the obligations for advertisement, transparency and diffusion of the information by the public administration- is currently being updated following the provisions of D.lgs. 25 maggio 2016 n. 97 (GU Serie Generale n. 132 del 08/06/2016).

The manager of transparency and bribery prevention is Dott. Pierluigi Raimondi, Director of the Communication, Information and Urp Office. Decree of appointment of manager of bribery prevention.

Last update: 29/11/2023