Curiosity, intuition, passion, creativity, tenaciousness: these are just some of the aspects that describe those fellows who have decided to rely on development and knowledge, making science their job.

Thanks to its network spread all over the Italian country and to the great variety of research topics, the Cnr plays a key role facing the challenges that are at the hearth of the international agenda of the research: healthcare, demographic changes and wellness, food safety and sustainable agriculture, energy and environmental protection, accessibility of resources, intelligent transport. This section offers a showcase of their work.

"CLIC startup competition": cultural heritage adaptive reuse as circular economy strategy

News 09/09/2020

Applications are open for the international “CLIC Startup Competition” addressed to startups and business ideas working in the field of cultural heritage adaptive reuse, which are inspired to the principles of circular economy for enhanced sustainability, social impact and environmental regeneration

River flow prediction in Africa with newly rainfall products developed by Cnr

News 27/07/2020

Rainfall estimation is highly important for meteorologists, hydrologists, water resource managers and environmental legislators. However, its measurement at relevant spatial and temporal scales remains a challenge. Soil moisture can be seen as the footprint of rainfall and, hence, is useful for improving rainfall estimation. As part of the SMOS+Rainfall project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Research Institute for Hydrogeological Protection (Cnr-Irpi) in Perugia in collaboration with the University of Grenoble, the University of Toulouse and the CNRS, has developed new rainfall products that use satellite soil moisture data to obtain more accurate estimates

Plug-and-play lens simplifies adaptive optics for microscopy

Press release 10/09/2020

Researchers from Cnr Institute for photonics and nanotechnologies have developed a new plug-and-play lens that can add adaptive optics correction to commercial optical microscopes. The device makes it easy for scientists to access to high-quality images from deep inside tissue



Cnr Institute for research on innovation and services for development (Cnr-Iriss) invites submissions for the volumes “Labour Migration in the time of COVID-19: inequalities and perspectives for change” and "Migration and culture: implementation of cultural rights of migrants”. Deadlines are, respectively, September 30 and October 15, 2020

13th Workshop on 3D Object retrieval 2020 (3DOR'20)

Event from 04/09/2020 to 05/09/2020

From the very beginning, the aim of the 3DOR Workshop series is to stimulate researchers to present state-of-the-art work, learn about or discuss topics in the field 3D object retrieval, search and exploration in a multi-disciplinary context of expertise such as computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning, cognitive science and human-computer interaction. 3DOR provides a cross-fertilization that will stimulate discussions on the next steps in this important research area. 3DOR 2020 will be the 13th workshop in this series

III International Triple Helix Summit

Event from 24/11/2020 to 26/11/2020

The III International Triple Helix Summit will be held in Bologna (Italy) on 24th - 26th November 2020 and will focus on the theme 'Designing globally connected regional innovation ecosystems: overcoming barriers and opening pathways'. New technological trends have significantly accelerated changes in the economy and society at a pace we have never experienced so far

Cnr-Spin and Covid-19

Istitutional area

The Cnr-Spin Institute launched a website aimed at understanding the current pandemic and providing support to scientists, policy makers and society at its large, by comparing and interpreting publicly available data with an original approach

BioMaH - Biomaterials and Novel Technologies for Healthcare, 3rd International Conference

Event from 19/10/2020 to 22/10/2020

The 3rd BioMaH (Biomaterials and Novel Technologies for Healthcare) Conference is an international interdisciplinary forum of major experts in the field of healthcare sciences, contributing in solving challenging problems in medicine

BraYn Conference - BraYnstorming Research Assembly for Young Neuroscientists

Event from 25/11/2020 to 27/11/2020

BraYn stands for "Brainstorming Research Assembly for Young Neuroscientists", and is an initiative which aims to create a congress specifically intended for young researchers under the age of 40 working in the field of Neuroscience. The idea was conceived in 2017 at the department of Neuroscience at the University of Genoa, Italy, and to date, two editions of the BraYn conference in 2018 and 2019 have been organized

The Anthropocene signature on Mount Elbrus, Caucasus

Press release 03/07/2020

The researchers of the Institute of Polar Sciences of the Italian National Research Council and of the Ca’ Foscari University of Veniceanalyzed a series of fragrances deriving from personal care products and consumer goods in an ice core from Mt. Elbrus, Caucasus:the concentration profile of such fragrances from the 1930s to 2005 follows the trend of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)- originated from combustion and industrial activities -showing a marked increase starting from the 1950s, known as the “Great Acceleration”.The results of this study were published on Scientific Reports

Journal and newsletters

Institutional Area

Cnr produces several journals and newsletters to which you can subscribe, usually for free, directly from the websites of the institutes that produce them.
This page, created with the aim of making such contributions quickly reachable and accessible to citizens and researchers, contains some of the journals and newsletters sent and transmitted from the network Cnr (departments, institutes, etc) that provide news and updates on topics of their interest

The Bluemed italian paper

Institutional area

An overview of relevance, obstacles  and proposals of the key sectors for a blue growth, issued by the Cnr Bluemed Working Group

III International Triple Helix Summit

Event from 24/11/2020 to 26/11/2020

The III International Triple Helix Summit will be held in Bologna (Italy) on 24th - 26th November 2020 and will focus on the theme 'Designing globally connected regional innovation ecosystems: overcoming barriers and opening pathways'

Science & Technology Digital Library

Institutional Area

The Cnr  S&T Digital Library makes available research products, datasets, data and information on research activities, projects, R&D actors, their expertise and skills, as well as digitised cultural and historical heritage contents

Open access

Institutional area

The Italian National Research Council is deeply involved in adopting and supporting the principles of the European Chart for the free circulation of knowledge

Researcher’s life


On the Cnr webtv platform the portraits of some Cnr researchers in their daily routine, both at work and in their private life

Joint lab projects

Institutional Area

Cnr finances joint labs projects based on proposals  made by Italian and Foreign researchers together, aimed at sharing research facilites, skills and expertise

Cnr E-recruitment

Institutional Area

The on line application system for the recruitment of staff and other types of employement and training of the National Research Council of Italy

Protection and valorisation of IPRs

Institutional area

Cnr supports and encourages its researchers in protecting and valorizing the results of their research, promoting their exploitation in collaboration with industrial partners and/or other institutions

Cnr fellowships

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Check the latest research fellowhips available all over Italy in the Cnr research Institutes network

Cnr position on the European Innovation Council

Institutional Area

The Italian National Research Council is giving its contribution to the ongoing debate on the European Innovation Council,  (Eic), the body for innovation proposed by the European Commission  to boost the research and innovation system at a European level

News Snippet, the official newsletter of Ibisba

Institutional Area

The National Research Council of Italy is partner of Ibisba, a European-distributed research infrastructure that links up best-in-class R&D facilities providing multi-technology services to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial needs