Curiosity, intuition, passion, creativity, tenaciousness: these are just some of the aspects that describe those fellows who have decided to rely on development and knowledge, making science their job.

Thanks to its network spread all over the Italian country and to the great variety of research topics, the Cnr plays a key role facing the challenges that are at the hearth of the international agenda of the research: healthcare, demographic changes and wellness, food safety and sustainable agriculture, energy and environmental protection, accessibility of resources, intelligent transport. This section offers a showcase of their work.

Multiple sclerosis: new light on the role of microglia in myelin repair

Press release 16/09/2019

A recent study published in the high impact journal Acta Neuropathologica, coordinated by dr. Claudia Verderio of the Cnr Institute of Neuroscience and involving, among other institutions, the University of Milan, the Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi – University of Turin and the University and the San Martino Hospital in Genoa focuses on the role of microglia -the immune cells of the nervous system- in myelin repair

Charge fluctuations, a new property in superconductors

Press note 05/09/2019

An experiment conducted jointly at the ESRF European Synchrotron Radiation Facility by the Politecnico di Milano, National Research Council, the Università La Sapienza di Roma and the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg has revealed a new property of cuprates, so-called  high critical temperature superconductors. The study is published in Science

4th HBP student conference on interdisciplinary brain research

Event from 21/01/2020 to 23/01/2020

Cnr co-organizes the 4th HBP student conference on interdisciplinary brain research, an open forum for the exchange of new ideas among young researchers working across various aspects of science relevant to the Human Brain Project (HBP)

Call for Joint Archaeological Laboratories

Institutional area

A selection having the purpose of creating four Joint International Archaeological Laboratories has been launched, applications must be filled out and submitted exclusively using the online procedure reachable on this web site and forwarded via PEC no later than October 31st 2019 at 12:00

Mediterranean diet seminar

Event until 04/10/2019

The fondazione Alario in Ascea, Salerno is hosting the 2nd Ancel Keys International Seminar on Mediterranean diet and sustainable nutritional policies, aimed at providing young researchers and health professionals the basic instruments to mature full knowledge and awareness of the Mediterranean-like dietary pattern

Armenia - Italy cooperation

Press review

President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian has held a meeting on January 26 with Prof. Massimo Inguscio, the President of National Research Council of Italy

Cnr participates the Conception network

News 11/06/2019

Building a pan-European ecosystem for generating, monitoring, and providing robust information on medication safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding is the goal of the public private partnership called ConcePTION. The project unites 88 organizations from 22 countries, including the Cnr - Institute of Clinical Physiology

The Bluemed italian paper

Institutional area

An overview of relevance, obstacles  and proposals of the key sectors for a blue growth, issued by the Cnr Bluemed Working Group

Science & Technology Digital Library

Institutional Area

The Cnr  S&T Digital Library makes available research products, datasets, data and information on research activities, projects, R&D actors, their expertise and skills, as well as digitised cultural and historical heritage contents

Spin off promotion and support’

Institutional area

Cnr is strongly involved in the development of initiatives aimed at enhancing technology transfer to the productive sector. Spin‐off companies are a source of technological renewal for the economic system in which they operate, as well as an effective means of exploiting the best research results

Open access

Institutional area

The Italian National Research Council is deeply involved in adopting and supporting the principles of the European Chart for the free circulation of knowledge

Journal and newsletters

Institutional Area

Cnr produces several journals and newsletters to which you can subscribe, usually for free, directly from the websites of the institutes that produce them.
This page, created with the aim of making such contributions quickly reachable and accessible to citizens and researchers, contains some of the journals and newsletters sent and transmitted from the network Cnr (departments, institutes, etc) that provide news and updates on topics of their interest

Researcher’s life


On the Cnr webtv platform the portraits of some Cnr researchers in their daily routine, both at work and in their private life

Joint lab projects

Institutional Area

Cnr finances joint labs projects based on proposals  made by Italian and Foreign researchers together, aimed at sharing research facilites, skills and expertise

Cnr E-recruitment

Institutional Area

The on line application system for the recruitment of staff and other types of employement and training of the National Research Council of Italy

Protection and valorisation of IPRs

Institutional area

Cnr supports and encourages its researchers in protecting and valorizing the results of their research, promoting their exploitation in collaboration with industrial partners and/or other institutions

Cnr fellowships

Institutional Area

Check the latest research fellowhips available all over Italy in the Cnr research Institutes network

Cnr position on the European Innovation Council

Institutional Area

The Italian National Research Council is giving its contribution to the ongoing debate on the European Innovation Council,  (Eic), the body for innovation proposed by the European Commission  to boost the research and innovation system at a European level

Workshop on polymer nanocomposites for 3D-printing of enhanced porous structures

Event from 03/10/2019 to 05/10/2019

The most important aim of the Workshop is to give young students and researchers, involved in the Graphene 3D secondments, the chance to present their scientific results concerning the development of innovative materials for additive manufacturing technologies