Curiosity, intuition, passion, creativity, tenaciousness: these are just some of the aspects that describe those fellows who have decided to rely on development and knowledge, making science their job.

Thanks to its network spread all over the Italian country and to the great variety of research topics, the Cnr plays a key role facing the challenges that are at the hearth of the international agenda of the research: healthcare, demographic changes and wellness, food safety and sustainable agriculture, energy and environmental protection, accessibility of resources, intelligent transport. This section offers a showcase of their work.

Call for proposals of joint lab projects

Institutional Area

Launch of two Cnr Joint Lab Projects - Research Area: Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation (three-year period 2022-2024)

Journal and newsletters

Institutional Area

Cnr produces several journals and newsletters to which you can subscribe, usually for free, directly from the websites of the institutes that produce them

In memory of Lev Petrovic Pitaevskij

News 26/08/2022

On August 23rd theoretical physicist Lev Petrovič Pitaevskij passed away in Rovereto. A memory by his colleagues of the Cnr National Institute of Optics (Cnr-Ino)

National biodiversity future centre: 14 researchers to be hired at Cnr-Iret during fall 2022

News 12/08/2022

The Institute of research on terrestrial ecosystems (Iret) of the National research council (Cnr) will launch a call for 14 positions of Researcher and Technologist during Fall 2022. The new positions will start in January 2023 in different IRET premises, i.e., Porano (TR), Montelibretti (Rome), Pisa, Florence and Napoli. Each position will have a 3 year duration, and will likely have the opportunity to turn into a permanent position

Visit to Cnr-Iriss by Mongolia's Ambassador to Italy

News 25/05/2022

On May 25th, 2022, the Institute for research on innovation and services for development (Iriss)  of the National Research Council of Italy was honoured of receiving the visit of the Mongolia's Ambassador to Italy, Her Excellency Tserendorj Narantungalag

EMBL and IIT: launching new avenues of collaboration

News 14/05/2022

For over a decade, EMBL and the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology – IIT) have collaborated on various topics, such as RNA technologies, neuroscience, and the training of young scientists through the ETPOD postdoctoral programme. Since the signing of their Collaboration Agreement in 2021, the two organisations have actively explored new avenues for collaboration, particularly in the context of EMBL’s Programme ‘Molecules to Ecosystems’, which was officially launched in January 2022

Call for papers special issue "The Faro convention, heritage communities and sustainable development" Sustainability International Journal

News 20/01/2022

The call for papers for the Special Issue "The Faro convention, heritage communities and sustainable development: towards collaborative approaches for cultural heritage management and enhancement" has been published on the website of Sustainability. The deadline for contributions submissions is 30 November 2022

4th Joint AIC-SILS Conference

Event from 12/09/2022 to 15/09/2022

The Conference will be organized in 4 plenary lectures, thirteen micro-symposia with 26 keynote presentations, 39 oral communications and 39 flash talks and will host the Round Table "Horizon-Europe and the Future of Research Infrastructures: Next Generation of Scientific Instrumentation, Tools and Methods". Four E-poster sessions will also allow the presentation and discussion of scientific contributions

Remtech Europe 2022

Event from 19/09/2022 to 23/09/2022

The conference will take five days, from 19 to 23 September 2022: "Remtech Europe" is a worldwide event dedicated to #innovation in #contaminatedsites, #future #technology and to the broader themes of #environment #protection and #sustainabledevelopment. Paola Grenni, researcher at Water Research Institute (IRSA) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) is the Remtech Europe Ambassador

Joint lab projects

Institutional Area

Cnr finances joint labs projects based on proposals  made by Italian and Foreign researchers together, aimed at sharing research facilites, skills and expertise

Cnr position on the European Innovation Council

Institutional Area

The Italian National Research Council is giving its contribution to the ongoing debate on the European Innovation Council,  (Eic), the body for innovation proposed by the European Commission  to boost the research and innovation system at a European level

Science & Technology Digital Library

Institutional Area

The Cnr  S&T Digital Library makes available research products, datasets, data and information on research activities, projects, R&D actors, their expertise and skills, as well as digitised cultural and historical heritage contents

Open access

Institutional area

The Italian National Research Council is deeply involved in adopting and supporting the principles of the European Chart for the free circulation of knowledge

Protection and valorisation of IPRs

Institutional area

Cnr supports and encourages its researchers in protecting and valorizing the results of their research, promoting their exploitation in collaboration with industrial partners and/or other institutions

The Bluemed italian paper

Institutional area

An overview of relevance, obstacles  and proposals of the key sectors for a blue growth, issued by the Cnr Bluemed Working Group

Researcher’s life


On the Cnr webtv platform the portraits of some Cnr researchers in their daily routine, both at work and in their private life

Cnr E-recruitment

Institutional Area

The on line application system for the recruitment of staff and other types of employement and training of the National Research Council of Italy