Curiosity, intuition, passion, creativity, tenaciousness: these are just some of the aspects that describe those fellows who have decided to rely on development and knowledge, making science their job.

Thanks to its network spread all over the Italian country and to the great variety of research topics, the Cnr plays a key role facing the challenges that are at the hearth of the international agenda of the research: healthcare, demographic changes and wellness, food safety and sustainable agriculture, energy and environmental protection, accessibility of resources, intelligent transport. This section offers a showcase of their work.

60 years of Europe and 10 years of Erc

Event 07/04/2017

The intent to simultaneously celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome and the 10 years of Erc is based on the belief that if on one hand research has acquired a major role in the creation of a united Europe, on the other hand, the European Union allowed in the last 60 years the development of excellent research branded 'Europe'

Journal and newsletters

Institutional Area

Cnr produces several journals and newsletters to which you can subscribe, usually for free, directly from the websites of the institutes that produce them.
This page, created with the aim of making such contributions quickly reachable and accessible to citizens and researchers, contains some of the journals and newsletters sent and transmitted from the network Cnr (departments, institutes, etc) that provide news and updates on topics of their interest

Italian alpine glacier now accelerating after 7000 years

Press release 30/01/2017

Thanks to a 7000-year old ice core, the Idpa-Cnr and an international team have discovered that an alpine glacier is now accelerating due to atmospheric warming. The deepest part of the Mt. Ortles glacier (Eastern Italian Alps) has indeed started to move for the first time since the period of the Tyrolean Iceman. The study has been published in The Cryosphere

Personality differences linked to differences in brain structure

Press release 26/01/2017

Our personality may be shaped by how our brain works, but in fact the shape of our brain can itself provide surprising clues about how we behave – and our risk of developing mental health disorders – suggests a study published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. The international research team involves Italian scientists from with Ibfm-Cnr, University Tor Vergata and University Magna Graecia

The 'liquid biopsy': an innovative 3D technology

Press release 19/01/2017

Cnr-Isasi Researchers reveal an innovative possibility to identify sick cells in the blood stream, not visible by standard techniques. The result has been published in a Nature Publishing Group Journal Light: Science and Applications. The effectiveness of the technique has been demonstrated also for the recognition of possible oceans’ contaminants

Council of Presidents of public research bodies: Massimo Inguscio appointed President

Interview 20/01/2017

The President of the National Research Council, Massimo Inguscio, was unanimously appointed President of the newly set up Council of Presidents of public research bodies

Medulloblastoma: a potential new therapy

Press release 16/01/2017

A preclinical study indicates a possible new therapy for medulloblastoma, the most common brain malignancy in childhood. The study, conducted by a group of researchers of the Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology of the National Research Council of Italy at the Santa Lucia Foundation in Rome, highlights the ability of chemokine Cxcl3 to completely inhibit the tumor. The research results are published in Frontiers in Pharmacology

Science & Technology Digital Library

Institutional Area

The Cnr  S&T Digital Library makes available research products, datasets, data and information on research activities, projects, R&D actors, their expertise and skills, as well as digitised cultural and historical heritage contents

Cnr fellowships

Institutional Area

Check the latest research fellowhips available all over Italy in the Cnr research Institutes network

SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics 2017

Event 24-27 April 2017

SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics International Symposium 2017 in Prague addresses the latest developments and advances in a broad range of optics and optoelectronic devices, technologies, and their integration

Researcher’s life


On the Cnr webtv platform the portraits of some Cnr researchers in their daily routine, both at work and in their private life

Cnr position on the European Innovation Council

Institutional Area

The Italian National Research Council is giving its contribution to the ongoing debate on the European Innovation Council,  (Eic), the body for innovation proposed by the European Commission  to boost the research and innovation system at a European level

SigmaPhi2017 - International Conference on Statistical Physics

Event 10-14 July 2017

The SigmaPhi2017Conference to be held in Corfu, Greece on July 10-14, 2017, will cover all the fields of Statistical Physics and will host the annual meeting of the Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division of the European Physical Society SNP/EPSTopics and Format: Foundations and Theoretical aspects, Nonequilibrium Systems, Applications to Physical  and non-Physical Systems, Computational PhysicsWorkshops

Joint lab projects

Institutional Area

Cnr finances joint labs projects based on proposals  made by Italian and Foreign researchers together, aimed at sharing research facilites, skills and expertise

Cnr E-recruitment

Institutional Area

The on line application system for the recruitment of staff and other types of employement and training of the National Research Council of Italy