The Beauty of Science

La scienza si fa bella

Launched in 2019 with an innovative layout, “The Beauty of Science” recalls the title of the thematic catalogue of dissemination activities carried out by Cnr Communication Unit over more than 20 years. The design and set up of interactive scientific exhibitions for the general public play a crucial role among Cnr initiatives for the dissemination of scientific culture. 'The Beauty of Science' was created to promote the extensive heritage of Cnr interactive exhibitions, proposing new itineraries covering different themes, locations, and purposes with important common features such as care for design and involvement of visitors of all ages.

The public is invited to 'touch science' through experiments and interactive installations and to reflect on complex scientific issues and concepts coming out from personal experience. The beauty of science becomes visible when it is shared by citizenship and generates new knowledge.








Last update: 01/03/2024