International relations

The Unit for International Relations financially supports and promotes the exchange of researchers for the development of jointly agreed research projects and of individual scientific activity, via bilateral Agreements on scientific and technological cooperation signed with corresponding research organizations in all Countries and in all continents. Within their framework, the Office also backs the organization of bilateral seminars. It promotes the participation of Italian researchers in scientific activities carried out by foreign institutions through the launch of calls for Joint lab projects and Joint Archaeological laboratories, and thanks to the programmes of Short Term Mobility (STM). It supports and maintains close relations of collaboration with the Italian scientific attachés at the Italian Representations abroad (Calls for scholarships intended to young graduates have been recently published) and with the scientific diplomats of the Embassies of foreign Countries in Italy.

Thanks to the increasing institutional relationships with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) aimed at strengthening the role of Science within Diplomacy as an additional tool available to the Italian foreign policy, a further program of multi-sectoral training called DIPLOMAzia was managed in 2015-2016. It is mainly supported by MAECI’s General Directorate for Development Cooperation with the purpose of fostering joint initiatives with emerging Countries.  

Cnr supports scientists and researchers at risk (See the Call for application 2024 supporting measures for the Lebanese and Palestinian scientific community; Application form - doc versionpdf versionInformation on Personal Data - Scientific Examination Board).

Over and above ensuring, together with the specific units of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Ministry of  University and Research, the Italian representatives within the large international scientific Organizations and the non-governmental international Institutions, the Office manages the scientific activities deriving from the intergovernmental Agreements.

It furthermore participates in the carrying out and management of significant international initiatives and important international scientific projects.


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Last update: 17/07/2024