'Position statement' on Open Access to research outputs in Italy

Open Access to publicly funded research outputs (publications and data) enhances the circulation of knowledge, supports innovation, the transfer of knowledge, the competitiveness, internationalization and quality of research, thus fostering economic, social and cultural benefits for enterprises (particularly small and medium-sized enterprises), for the public sector and generally speaking for citizens at large.

To support the Open Access model and support the development of specific policies on a national level, on march 2013 the presidens of the main Italian Research bodies -CRUI, CNR, ENEA, INFN, INGV and ISS- signed a 'Position statement' on Open Access to research outputs in Italy.

The Statement  is the result of the convergence of intentions of the leading academic and research institutions participating the Italian workshop of the european project MedOANet. On that occasion, Italian partners demonstrated the common will to undertake concrete initiatives to put the  European Commission Recommendation on open access to scientific knowledge (17 luglio 2012) into practice.

Position Statement:  Italian version  English version


Position Statement subscriptions up to April 2018:

N. Data di firma ENTE Firma Qualifica
1 21/03/2013 CRUI Marco Mancini Presidente
2 21/03/2013 CNR Luigi Nicolais Presidente
3 21/03/2013 ENEA Giovanni Lelli Commissario
4 21/03/2013 INFN Fernando Ferroni Presidente
5 21/03/2013 INGV Stefano Gresta Presidente
6 21/03/2013 ISS Enrico Garaci Presidente
7 02/05/2013 CRA Giuseppe Alonzo Presidente
8 30/05/2013 ISFOL Pietro Antonio Varesi Presidente
9 26/06/2013 ISG Lucio Capurso Direttore Generale
10 08/07/2013 IZS-AM Fernando Arnolfo Direttore generale
11 09/07/2013 IZS-Ve Stefano Marangon Direttore Sanitario
12 12/07/2013 IZS-S Antonio Salina Direttore Generale
13 18/07/2013 IZS-TO Maria Caramelli Direttore Generale
14 23/07/2013 IZS-LER Stefano Cinotti Direttore Generale
15 04/10/2013 INAF Giovanni Fabrizio Bignami Presidente
16 19/06/2014 IZS-Sardegna Antonio Usai Direttore Generale
17 05/04/2018 ISPRA Stefano Laporta Presidente


How to subscribe 

Research institutions and Universities sharing these principles are invited to subscribe the Position Statement on Open Access to research outputs. 

Subscribing is easy: you simply need to download the model form and fill it with the information requested (name of the Institution, logo, name of the representative and signature).

An original copy, completed with signature of the Institution representative and official stamp, should be sent by ordinary mail to:

CNR - Ufficio Sistemi Informativi e Documentali
Piazzale Aldo Moro, 7
00185 Roma
K.a. of Director ing. Maurizio Lancia

Last update: 13/07/2021