Laser. Light over the horizon

A spectacular exhibition featuring an immersive environment to present, through evocative exhibits, a long-lived but still currently relevant technology: the laser.

Designed and built for the 50th anniversary of the invention of the laser (1960), the exhibition offers an overview of this very thin beam of light, now used in the most common technologies. High brightness, accurateness up to one thousandth of a millimetre, capacity to concentrate large amounts of energy on an exact point: thanks to its enormous potential and versatility, the laser has applications in our everyday life. It runs in optical readers, measures the speed of cars, corrects the defects of vision.

Through interactive exhibits and experiments, the exhibition leads to the discovery of the properties of light, and thus of laser, to learn about the reasons of its exceptional importance. What is the difference between the light emitted by a light bulb and the light produced by a laser? How do you manage to get the monochromatic effect, its incredible brilliance and directionality? An exhibition entirely focused on the laser light makes it possible to show its application in the production of holograms for entertainment purposes, in the world of electronic music, with the laser harp, and in the creation of luminous works of art.


  • 14 April - 13 May 2018: Padua as part of the 'Sperimentando' event at the 'ex Macello' Cathedral
  • 18 December 2015 - 30 April 2016: Bari, Mediterranean Citadel of Science
  • 17 September - 2 October 2011: Lecco, Deutsche Bank and Società Canottieri Lecco, as part of the Varenna Fisica Festival
  • 29 October - 7 November 2010: Genoa, Palazzo Ducale, as part of the Science Festival

Last update: 15/07/2022