Interdepartmental Center for Research Ethics and Integrity (CID Ethics)


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 Via dei Taurini 19 - 00185 Rome
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The Interdepartmental Center for Research Ethics and Integrity (CID Ethics):

  • carries out research, in-depth and up-to-date activities on the subjects within its competence, participating in the international standard setting process;
  • carries out ethical-legal consultancy to the scientific network, including the analysis of the ethical-legal profiles of projects and support in compiling the documentation required by national, European and international funding calls (Ethical Issues);
  • ensures ethical-legal monitoring and/or ethical-legal supervision of ongoing projects in the organisation (Ethics Mentoring);
  • analyses the ethical-legal profiles of research projects as a preliminary activity for the purpose of issuing ethical opinions with authorisation value (Ethical Clearance) by the CNR Research Ethics and Integrity Committee, upon request from the researchers;
  • provides scientific advice to the Departments on issues within its competence, identifying criteria, methods and procedures for the assessment and management of critical ethical issues arising from the scientific and technological research activities conducted at the affiliated Institutes, as well as for matters pertaining to research integrity;
  • develops and implements a plan for the prevention and verification of improper conduct in research (Research Misconduct) in liaison with the Departments, also by carrying out the preliminary investigative activities preparatory to the issue by the aforementioned Committee of ethical advisory opinions to the CNR President for the handling of cases of alleged research misconduct involving research staff of the organisation, in accordance with the procedures identified in the presidential decree of 23 December 2023 (prot. no. 0002560);
  • prepares, in liaison with the Departments, a structured plan to update researchers on research integrity and research ethics applied to their specific disciplinary areas, by organising periodic seminar activities in the territorial branches of the organisation;
  • elaborates, at the request of the Departments and within its own competence, technical reports and specialised documentation functional to research activities in the various disciplinary sectors;
  • provides scientific, technical, organisational, management and administrative support to the CNR Research Ethics and Integrity Committee;
  • carries out national and international activities aimed at creating and strengthening collaboration with equivalent organisations and consolidating the role of the CNR as a reference center for ethics and integrity in research;
  • organises seminars, conferences and outreach initiatives.

Last update: 26/02/2024