Training office

The Cnr training office (Central Directorate of Human Resources Management of the Main Administration of the Cnr) has the task to promote, revise and enhance the professional development of all the staff of the Cnr. 

The office promotes and supports a continuous training of the staff on duty and the newly recruited one by:

  • training programmes and professional updates of the staff according to the Cnr strategic guidelines;
  • handling the process of emanation of administrative deeds necessary for the realization of training initiatives;
  • formulating specific proposals referred to the strategy of staff training;
  • providing support to the Cnr Departments for the development of the high formation activities, often in partnership of Main Directorate and General Directorate;

Training initiatives can also be organized upon agreement between different research institutions, Universities, the National School of Administration, as well as public or private training centres.

Staff and contacts

Source: Cnr training office

Last update: 09/06/2022