Scientific Council

The Cnr Scientific Council is the authority according to the clause 8 of the Statute of Cnr.

It consists of ten members chosen by the Board of Directors from a list of candidates stated by a Selection Committee composed of experts appointed on the recommendation of research institutions having international importance, and trade unions from the enterprise and economy world.

The Cnr Scientific Council, appointed by the Board of directors on October 4, 2016, is composed of:

  • Betti Arianna (Phylosopy, Computer Science, Amsterdam University)
  • Conti Marco (Ict, Italian National Research Council - Cnr,  Rome)
  • Cossu Giulio (Medicine, University of Manchester)
  • Fitzgerald Garret (Pharmacology, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Lanzara Alessandra (Nanomaterials, physics, chemistry, University of California)
  • Luzon Nogue Jose Maria (Archaeology, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid)
  • Mlynek Juergen (Physics, Former President Helmoltz Society, Germany)
  • Pacchioni Gianfranco (Chemistry, University of Milano Bicocca)
  • Pietrabissa Riccardo (Bioingeneering, Polytechnic of Milan)
  • Querol Carceller Xavier (Geology, CSIC, Madrid)

The assignments of the Scientific Council are the following:

  • It expresses its opinion on the document stating the strategy for the next ten years, on the activity plan for the next three years, on the budget, on the annual balance sheet as well as on the other topics proposed by the president;
  • It expresses its opinion on the strategic projects having national significance;
  • It makes detailed analysis supporting the elaboration of the document stating the strategy for the next ten years;
  • It certifies the data on the scientific productivity before they are submitted to the national Agency for the evaluation of research and university, as per the decree of the President of the Republic dated February 1st 2010 nr. 76.

Opinions expressed by the Scientific Council:

Last update: 07/06/2021