Natur.acqua water exhibition

The Communication Unit of CNR, based in Genoa, has created 'Natur.acqua water exhibition' an itinerary dedicated to the discovery of water as a resource, integrated within AmbienteParco di Brescia, a permanent science centre dedicated to environmental sustainability.

The purpose of the itinerary is to raise awareness among citizens on the importance of respecting and saving water in the daily consumption, as a resource that is as precious for the life of the planet as it is limited.

Cnr has designed and built some of the main exhibits that make up the interactive core of the exhibition itinerary, which intends to stimulate visitors’ curiosity and increase awareness of the lack of resources and problems related to environmental pollution: two themes that closely affect citizens, more than it is commonly believed and that can significantly be faced with small daily choices.

Natur.acqua water exhibition

Last update: 19/07/2022