Under the Italian law 150/2000, the Cnr Press Office was established with the aim of enhancing information provided by scientific Departments, research Institutes and offices by issuing press releases and notes, and handling the overall media communication. Among its tasks, the Office assures an helpdesk for any media request, organizes press conferences and events, and it is actively involved in the realization of video and interviews within the  Cnr Webtv platform.  Furthermore, it supports the realization of editorial products and activates partnerships with Tv programmes, magazines and websites.

The Office releases the web magazine 'Almanacco della Scienza’, and makes available a daily press review operated in collaboration with a specialized service, monitoring thousands of newspapers, magazines, journals, as well as television and radio programs: a collection of the most relevant press venues is also provided by email. 

Primate economics

Press release 25/01/2021

A theme issue of Philosophical Transactions, compiled and edited by Elsa Addessi (Cnr-Istc), Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde (Institute Jean Nicod- Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris) and Thomas Boraud (Université de Bordeaux), collects some of the most recent studies on the economic behaviors of non-human primates, our closest relatives, highlighting the cognitive mechanisms underlying human decision making

Pandemics: Coronavirus and beyond

Institutional area

A pandemic is a natural catastrophic event, a gigantic, prolonged "earthquake": unpredictable, but with the certainty that sooner or later it will happen, yielding devastating health and socio-economic effects. What we are learning from the Covid-19 "earthquake"? The website promoted by the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr-Dsb) is facing some big questions about the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Exploiting nano-disorder for screening and monitoring of diabetes mellitus

Press release 17/12/2020

An international team of researchers at the Institute for microelectronics and microsystem of the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr-Imm, Rome) and at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA) has developed an highly sensitive and label-free sensor for the detection of glycated albumin (GA), a novel robust molecular biomarker for screening and monitoring of diabetes mellitus, by leveraging the diagnostic potential of silver-coated silicon nanowires with a disordered arrangement

European Jellyfish. New perspectives on marine food resources

Institutional Area

This new book edited by Cnr edizioni is the outcome of scientific results, analyses and studies on some Mediterranean jellyfish species carried out at the Institute of Sciences of Food Production of the Italian National Research Council, combined with the spontaneous, creative and passionate interest of some Italian and international professional chefs to experiment jellyfish as a possible new food resource

Accurate theoretical modeling unravels profound changes in molecules that interact with quantum light

News 07/12/2020

An international team of researchers - for Italy, of Scuola Normale Superiore (Sns) and Istituto per i Processi Chimico-Fisici of Cnr (Ipcf-Cnr) in Pisa - has demonstrated that properties of molecules undergo large changes when interacting with quantized electromagnetic fields in optical cavities. The work has now been published in Physical Review X

Beyond Graphene

News 18/05/2020

An international team of scientists located in Canada and the SAMOS laboratory of the Istituto di Struttura della Materia (Cnr), led by Giorgio Contini, demonstrate, in a recent publication on Nature Materials, that the synthesis of two-dimensional π-conjugated polymers with topological Dirac cone and flats bands became a reality allowing a sneak peek into the world of organic topological materials

Journal and newsletters

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Cnr produces several journals and newsletters to which you can subscribe, usually for free, directly from the websites of the institutes that produce them.
This page, created with the aim of making such contributions quickly reachable and accessible to citizens and researchers, contains some of the journals and newsletters sent and transmitted from the network Cnr (departments, institutes, etc) that provide news and updates on topics of their interest

Cnr History

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The National Research Council of Italy was founded as legal person on 18 November 1923 (Royal Decree 2440/1923). Originally, it became member of the International Research Council, with offices in Brussels. The mission of Cnr has been defined in the first Statute dated 1924: to coordinate and stimulate research activity at a National level in the different areas of science, to keep in contact with various stakeholders on scientific matters and to establish National scientific laboratories

Cnr Press Office

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From society to research

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Foresight is a interdepartmental project of the National Research Council of Italy, aimed at elaborating coherent research strategies and addressing socially relevant problems related to environment, health, food, enery, security and transportation

Almanacco della scienza Cnr

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The latest issue of the monthly magazine edited by the Cnr Press Office

Cnr Web TV

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The video portal of the Cnr community, hosting videos, interviews  and reporting about conferences, research projects and other initiatives carried out by Cnr researchers