Under the Italian law 150/2000, the Cnr Press Office was established with the aim of enhancing information provided by scientific Departments, research Institutes and offices by issuing press releases and notes, and handling the overall media communication. Among its tasks, the Office assures an helpdesk for any media request, organizes press conferences and events, and it is actively involved in the realization of video and interviews within the  Cnr Webtv platform.  Furthermore, it supports the realization of editorial products and activates partnerships with Tv programmes, magazines and websites.

The Office releases the monthly web magazine 'Almanacco della Scienza’, and makes available a daily press review operated in collaboration with a specialized service, monitoring thousands of newspapers, magazines, journals, as well as television and radio programs. Reviews are available from 7 a.m. and updated many times a day: a collection of the most relevant press venues is also provided by email. 

Listening to the brain stars through nanotechnologies

Press release 30/03/2020

Studies over the past 40 years are showing that neuro-centric vision of the brain is now outdated. It is emerging that astrocytes, a particular class of non-neuronal brain cells, characterized by a star-shaped morphology, play a central role in the structure and functions of the brain, such as memory and learning

Plant respiration: controlled by photosynthesis or biomass?

News 01/03/2020

Italian researchers of the Institute for agriculture and forestry systems in the Mediterranean (Cnr-Isafom) are involved in a research study published on "Global Change Biology" aimed at understanding the mechanism of whole-plant respiration

Is being a chef really so stressful?

Press release 16/03/2020

Researchers investigate, for the first time, psychological distress in chefs and the relationship with health complaints. Job duration and length of the working day lead to negative effects on mental and/or physical illness, including musculoskeletal and cardiovascular complaints. These are the main results of the study involving 710 Italian chefs, promoted by the Italian Chefs Federation with the collaboration of Cnr-Irib, published on Frontiers public health

Roberta Ramponi named "Robert E. Hopkins Leadership" Award Winner

News 13/03/2020

The director of the Institute for photonics and nanotechnologies (Cnr-Ifn) of the National Research Council of Italy Roberta Ramponi has been selected as the 2020 recipient of The Optical Society (OSA) Robert E. Hopkins Leadership Award for her leadership in the promotion and dissemination of optics and light-based technologies, and outstanding contributions in establishing a strategic vision for research and innovation in photonics in Europe

Physics supporting bone cancer diagnosis

News 04/03/2020

A collaboration between the Cnr Institute of biophysics and the Department of translational research and new technologies in medicine and surgery of the University of Pisa has allowed to demonstrate that Raman spectroscopy is able to diagnose the various levels of malignancy of the chondrosarcoma. The research is published in the journal Scientific Reports

Olive Oil is good for the brain, especially during aging

Press release 25/02/2020

Identified the in vivo neural anti-aging role of a component of extra virgin olive oil, hydroxytyrosol, which is also present in abundance in processing waste. There were beneficial effects especially in the aging brain. The results published in Faseb Journal were demonstrated by a team of researchers from National Research Council of Italy (Cnr-Ibbc) and the University of Tuscia, Italy

Disease threatens Italy’s once booming olive oil industry

Video January 2020

American PBS Network focuses on Italian olive oil, a product of excellence whom production has decreased in the Puglia region for the effect of the bacteria Xylella fastidiosa. See the interviews to Cnr-Ipsp researchers Maria Saponari and Donato Boccia, and to actress Helen Mirren, who is actively supporting information campaigns on the disease

Ocean coulour reveals the oceanic movements

News 07/02/2020

The Institute of Marine Sciences (Ismar) of Cnr (Rome, IT) coordinates the 'ocean CIRculation from ocean COLour observations' project, funded by the European Space Agency and conducted in collaboration with the Collecte Localisation Satellites (Toulouse, FR)

An open and user-friendly tool for the observation of volcanoes from space using Copernicus Data

News 20/01/2020

A user-friendly tool based on an original algorithm recently published in the Remote Sensing Journal has been developed at Cnr-Imaa, in collaboration with the School of Engineering of University of Basilicata, to map volcanic thermal anomalies at a global scale by means of Sentinel 2 data of the European Earth Observation programme Copernicus

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Towards a circular economy: interview with Nicola Armaroli

Institutional Area

Nicola Armaroli, research director at the National Research Council of Italy and member of the Sunrise consortium (Solar energy for a circular economy), explains how the solar energy can contribute to make the circular economy a reality. The interview is published on the Sunrise website

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The National Research Council of Italy was founded as legal person on 18 November 1923 (Royal Decree 2440/1923). Originally, it became member of the International Research Council, with offices in Brussels. The mission of Cnr has been defined in the first Statute dated 1924: to coordinate and stimulate research activity at a National level in the different areas of science, to keep in contact with various stakeholders on scientific matters and to establish National scientific laboratories

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