Scientific and technological cooperation

The National Research Council counts, among its most consolidated international activities, the signing and implementation of Bilateral Agreements on Scientific and Technological Cooperation with corresponding foreign Research Organizations (see the updated list of Agreements) for the joint financing of:

Not all Agreements currently in force include the three types of financing, therefore, in order to obtain correct information, you are kindly invited to check on the page devoted to your Country of interest or, alternatively, to contact the staff member responsible for the management of the specific Agreement you want to refer to (see the list in left side-bar). The financing includes the travelling and accommodation expenses of researchers and, in some newly signed Agreements, a little share is provided for research-related costs and consumables; all this is detailed in a specific Addendum to the Agreement containing the provisions concerning the researchers' exchange between the two parties (National Research Council and the foreign corresponding Organization). In all Agreements, funding for the participation in meetings, courses, and so on, is ruled out. These Agreements embrace, in general, all disciplines and fields of research except in cases of foreign Organizations with specific scientific competences.

Foreign researchers wishing to participate in a Call together with the corresponding team of Italian scientists, are required to contact their own national Research Organization in order to collect instructions concerning procedures and deadlines for the applications submission on their side.

Furthermore, the National Research Council also proceeds to the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (see MoU list Memoranda of Understanding) with its corresponding foreign research Organizations, with the purpose of establishing and developing cooperation relations, which are often preparatory to the signature of bilateral Agreements on scientific and technological cooperation between the two partners.

Data source: Ufficio Relazioni Europee e Internazionali

Last update: 15/05/2024