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International opportunities offered:

Opportunities offered at European and Community level:

  • 4th EU-LAC Multi-thematic Joint Call for collaborative projects from Europe,Latin-America and the Caribbean Countries: the aim of the Joint Call is to initiate sustainable and multilateral research cooperation between researchers from Europe, Latin-America and the Caribbean countries. The National Research Council participates in topics "health" e "biodiversity", deadline for applications is April 28th,  2022 - Avviso integrativo (prot. 10066 del 09/022022)
  • The European Pain Federation EFIC - It announces grants of 200,000 Euros for research projects in which young researchers are involved in issues concerning experimental research on clinical and human pain.
  • Horizon 2020 - The EU Framework Programme for Research and innovation -The current Framework Programme called Horizon 2020 is officially started in December 2013 and will last until 2020.With the Framework Programmes, the Commission joins national and regional research programs in order to concentrate and coordinate the efforts of universities, research institutions and small and large companies in sectors that can give added value to European research and produce beneficial effects for society.
  • COST - - it is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology.
  • OCSE - Organizzazione per la cooperazione e lo sviluppo economico - it is an international organization of economic studies for the member countries, developed countries which have in common a kind of democratic system of government and a market economy. The CNR encourages valid applications under the Secretariats of international organizations from which Italy is accredited. International officials aspirants are invited to consult the OCSE “vacancies” website ( and  - for level A - please forward your application to the e-mail
  • Calls END - "Esperti Nazionali Distaccati (END)". Represents a form of mutual exchange, in terms of knowledge, skills and professional skills, including public authorities of Member States and the institutions of 'European Union (EU) therefore we invite all researchers and technologists Cnr to frequently visit the web site: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation -  END. 
    For futher information, please contact: taskforce-end@CNR.IT, or Gabriella Leo, ex-END in European Commission. Tel +39 06 90672807
  • EURAXESS – Researchers in motion - - it is a joint initiative of the European Commission and of the countries that are parties to them, aimed at making the European scientific careers more attractive to researchers from around the world and to facilitate the mobility of researchers in EU countries.

Data source: Office of European and International Relations

Last update: 09/06/2022