Short-term mobility

The Short Term Mobility (STM) Program enables Italian scholars to carry out research activities in cooperation with foreign Universities and Research Institutions of clear international standing.

It also enables highly qualified foreign researchers, belonging to foreign Universities and Research Institutions of clear international standing, to be invited to carry out research in cooperation with Cnr Instutes so that Italian research can benefit from international activity and research taking place in our country.

Cnr does therefore finance short - term stays of 21 days of Italian researchers and 10 days of foreign researchers engaged in international research projects of mutual interest.

The Programme has been implemented with success since 1995, in the framework of the initiatives for the development of international scientific cooperation. In particular, it has allowed the setting up and continuation of many cooperation activities which have brought about high - quality and important joint research results and the creation and implementation of highly specialized techniques in many different fields.

To participate to the STM Programme, please refer to the relevant CALL.

For futher information, please contact: Dr. Elvezia Larosa, tel. 06.4993.3828, e-mail:

Data source: Unità Relazioni Internazionali

Last update: 05/04/2024