Bilateral seminars

Within the framework of Bilateral Agreements on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (when specified), Cnr can accept proposals by an Italian Coordinator and, concurrently, by the foreign counterpart’s corresponding Coordinator, for the organization of joint seminars to be held in both involved Countries.

The financing procedures will vary depending on the Agreement, as specified in the pages devoted to single bilateral Agreements signed by Cnr with its counterparts (see the by-Country list).



Directors of Cnr Institutes, Research Leaders, Researchers and Technologists (levels I-III) are allowed to apply, as well as non-Cnr personnel, holding a Partnership ("Associatura") with Cnr, acknowledged by an official Decree (according to provisions of Art.17 contained in Rules and Regulations of Cnf Personnel published in Cnr site section Regulations.

Italian participants who can be financially supported by CNR must fall under the above-mentioned categories.



Bilateral seminars can last no more than 7 days, and no less than 3, with a maximum number of 5 to 7 participants, according to each Agreement’s provisions.


Required documentation:

  1. In case seminars take place within the framework of an Agreement providing direct financing to the Seminar (see Accordi nuovi), the application must be submitted to Cnr by the Italian Coordinator using the Application Form specifically designed for Bilateral Seminar Financing (MOD. A)

  2. In case seminars take place within the framework of an Agreement providing financing for the participation expenses of researchers (see Accordi vecchi), the applications will have to follow the below rules:
  • Seminar abroad : Individual Application Form (MOD. B - Instructions) duly filled out by each Italian participant; Cnr will cover and refund travel expenses, while accommodation will be provided by the foreign Counterpart.
  • Seminar in Italy: Cnr will cover accommodation expenses of Italian and foreign participants (according to current Rules and Regulations concerning 'transfer costs'). 

In all cases, applications will have to include the following papers:

•       description of the seminar’s topic both in English and in Italian.

•       seminar’s program (sessions, invited lecturers, etc.).

•       brief scientific CVs of both the Italian and the foreign Coordinator.

•       a letter by the foreign Coordinator accepting the seminar’s program.

•       list of Italian participants (including, for each of them, name of Institution, qualification, address, contact number and a brief scientific resumé)

•       for non-Cnr personnel: Official Decree of “Associatura” (Partnership, as above) whose validity must cover all seminar’s duration.

•       list of foreign participants, mentioning, for each one of them, the Institution of affiliation.



A Seminar having the same subject of an already financed Bilateral Joint Project, can be financially supported only after the termination of the Project itself. Within the framework of Cnr Program 'Bilateral Agreements', the same Coordinator can apply, in the same year, for a maximum number of 2 Seminar proposals.


Deadline for application submission

Applications must be submitted, using the specifically mentioned Form to which enclose all requested documentation, in accordance with the above instructions, by and no later than September 30th of each year. Should the deadline fall on a weekend or a holiday, the same will be postponed to the next working day, and the date printed on the parcel by the receiving Cnr Office will be considered as evidence of the application’s regular delivery and acceptance.

Please note that following the Seminar, a scientific report will have to be produced on the activities that took place in order for it to be assessed by an Experts Board.

For directly financed Seminars, a report on the expenses will have to be added to the scientific one and duly forwarded.

Last update: 28/02/2018