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URSI - Union Radio Scientifique Internationale

Radio-science includes the knowledge and study of all aspects of electromagnetic fields and waves. URSI, a non-governmental, non-profit organization under the aegis of the International Science Council (ISC), is responsible for the promotion and coordination of international studies, research, applications, scientific exchange, and communication in the numerous fields of radio-science.

URSI was officially created in 1919, during the Constitutive Assembly of the International Council of Research (now ISC). It has greatly contributed to the promotion of the International Geophysics and, since 1992, a General Assembly is scheduled every three years.

The Organization goals include:

  • encourage and promote international activity in radio-science, in its various applications for the benefit of human kind;
  • encourage the adoption of common methods of measurement, comparability and standardization of the measuring instruments used in scientific work;
  • stimulate and coordinate studies on the scientific aspects of telecommunications using electromagnetic waves, guided and unguided; the generating, emission, radiation, propagation, reception, detection of fields and waves and processing the signals contained in them.
  • illustrate radio-science to the general public;
  • represent radio-science in private and public organizations.

The various branches of radio-science are analyzed by many Study Boards:

  • Committee A: Electromagnetic Metrology
  • Committee B: Fields and waves
  • Committee C: Radio-communication Systems and Signal Processing
  • Committee D: Electronics and Photonics
  • Committee E: Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
  • Committee F: Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing
  • Committee G: Ionospheric Radio and Propagation
  • Committee H: Waves in Plasmas
  • Committee J: Radio Astronomy
  • Committee K: Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine

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c/o Ghent University (INTEC) Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41 - B-900 Ghent - Belgium
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Università degli Studi di Firenze
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
Via S. Marta, 3 - 50139 Firenze
Phone number: +39 055 2758501

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Istituto di Scienze Applicate e Sistemi Intelligenti "Eduardo Caianiello" (ISASI)
Via Campi Flegrei, 34 - 80078 Pozzuoli (Napoli)
Phone number: 081 8675325

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