Institute for Biological Systems (ISB)


New non-Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy

New non-Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy The know how on amphiphilic aggregates such as micelles or liposomes allowed us to set up a program, in collaboration with other European groups, on the preparation of new lipidic vectors for complexing DNA for Gene Therapy. The program includes: a) the preparation of new cationic amphiphilic molecules to be used as components of liposomes formed by natural lipids; b) the morphological, physico chemical and biological characterization of the obtained ...

Good safe quality for foodstuff using ionising irradiation

Foodstuffs treatment by ionisation is a safe tool to produce both a shelf-life extension and/or a food-borne disease control through the pathogenic population reduction/elimination. The main goal is therefore to guarantee the best safe quality of the product to be marketed by means of a restriction of the spreading risk ("cross-contamination") for several diseases having an alimentary origin. About 50 countries provide clearances for the treatment of more than 50 different types of foodstuffs ...

A radiochemical methodology for the study of bronze corrosion

After a previous interest in metals for industrial applications (steels for industrial plants), our research is now mainly related to the field of Cultural Heritage. The activity refers to degradation studies of bronzes for outdoor sculptures and also includes stones and related protective materials. The activities are financially supported by funds, obtained within European and National research programmes. In particular, we work within a European project (EUREKA), named "Bronzart", concerning ...