Institute for Biological Systems (ISB)


Although the mission of the Institute of Chemical Methodologies - IMC is to generate and transfer knowledge, the Institute offers to interested parties some professional services.

The consolidated experience in NMR spectroscopy and technology is in high demand. The professional services available range from the characterization of drugs and new pharmaceutical formulations for the pharmaceutical industry, to the characterization of food matrices and fraud investigation in foods, to the diagnosis of the state of conservation of art work required by public and private institutions. In this regard it has been of great prestige for the IMC the collaboration with the Vatican Museums for diagnosis of humidity of the frescos of Sistine Chapel, with the Institute for Conservation and Restoration, the Pinacoteca of Siena, and Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Rome.

The consolidated experience in radiation chemistry was and is exploited in the collaboration with public and private institutions for measuring the concentration of indoor radon. Of particular prestige is the assignment of the Chamber of Deputies which has chosen IMC to measure the concentration of radon in the Parliament buildings.

The consolidated experience in sampling and determination of pollutants released from waste disposal facilities are required for the determination of conformity of industrial equipment with the regulations in force.

The consolidated experience in organic and colloids chemistry is of interest to solve problems in various industrial sectors.