Institute for Biological Systems (ISB)


The competences of the four former CNR bodies which were incorporated into the Institute of Chemical Methodologies represent a great wealth and its effective force. In particular, these skills include:

NMR SPECTROSCOPY applied to studies on natural and synthetic polymers, materials of interest in the cultural heritage field, food matrices, and studies of the molecular structure of compounds of pharmaceutical interest.

ENVIRONMENTAL GAS-CHROMATOGRAPHY, applied to studies on air pollutants, VOCs, determination of pollutants flow, aerosols, organic waste pollutants.

CHEMICAL PROCESSES applied to i) the study of ion chemistry reactions in the gas phase, ii) chemical grafting induced by ionizing radiation for the preparation of materials useful to absorb pollutants, iii) development of mass spectrometry techniques, iv) development of complex systems, ranked on the basis of non-covalent interactions and designed to express preordained functions (sensing, catalysis, transport, drug delivery).

IONIZING RADIATION applied to monitor the concentration of radon indoor.

SEPARATION SCIENCE applied to the chromatographic separation of chiral compounds, drugs, biological molecules, biopolymers, phytochemicals, surveys on food and GM food (toxicity, molecular markers, antioxidants, carbohydrates, pesticides), to the development of capillary electrophoretic techniques, and miniaturized techniques.