Institute for Biological Systems (ISB)


The Institute of Chemical Methodologies - IMC belongs to the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Materials.
Established in 2002, IMC is composed by the union of four former CNR bodies with experience and competences in various chemical disciplines applied in different thematic areas.
IMC is situated in Lazio territory and has two locations: the Research area of Montelibretti Rome where the executive office is placed and the location at "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

IMC-Montelibretti gathers expertise in separation science, NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, analytical chemistry, radiation chemistry, chemistry of minerals and rocks, physics and biology as well as liberal arts competency which mainly operate:
-in the Food and Agriculture thematic to i) detect specific molecular markers and trace the metabolic profile of foods, ii) develop materials for soil amendment;
-in the Health thematic for i) drug research and the development of new formulations ii) the development of new technologies to reduce the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), particulate matter and bacteria in indoor environments;
-in the Environment and Cultural Heritage thematic to i) study and catalog systems built in the antiquities, ii) determine the nature and techniques of artifacts production of cultural heritage interest, identify the state of degradation, and develop new materials for restoration and safeguard, iii) develop technologies for the production of cement with a low CO2 impact, starting from natural rocks or waste materials, iv) study plant sources for the production of chemical products.

IMC-Rome "La Sapienza", traditionally dealing with supramolecular chemistry, metal organic chemistry and colloid chemistry, mostly works:
- in the Health thematic on i) developing lipid nanoparticles as sensor elements (for use in clinical and environmental diagnostics) and drug delivery systems, ii) developing biomimetic catalytic systems,
-in the Environment thematic to i) develop chemical processes at low environmental impact.

IMC is composed by 52 personnel assigned to research study, half of which are researchers and technologists. The Institute located in the Research Area at Montelibretti has 2300 square meters available and the unit located in Rome "La Sapienza" has 300 square meters. The spaces are properly equipped for the various research activities. The assets of scientific equipment, instruments and accessories is around 6 million euro.