Institute for Biological Systems (ISB)


The training activities of the Institute of Chemical Methodologies - IMC concern:

1) Training the Institute personnel
This training is essentially the development of skills which are at the basis of IMC research activity. Over the years researchers and technicians have been allowed to attend training and professional qualification courses. This happens according to a programmed and continuous procedure.
Compatibly with financial resources, highly qualified training programs were also allowed by means of short/medium term "stage" abroad.
Attention has been and is dedicated to technical, organizational and administrative qualification courses (software management, accounting management programs, job security courses, specific courses on technical efficiency).

2) General training unstructured personnel
The IMC has always paid a special attention to young personnel who worked in the structure as: thesis students, graduate students, recipient of scholarship, art.23 with a fixed-term contract, Italian and foreign guests. Over the past decade, about a hundred of these qualifications have operated within IMC acquiring a high professional qualification on typical IMC skills. Budget tightness has prevented to keep some of these professional roles within the structure. However, it is satisfactory to note that the majority of these young people have found professional positioning in other work realities by benefitting on IMC training.

3) Specific training through courses, schools and workshops
The high training level in specific competences makes IMC a reference center for many sector operators as for many scientific-practical schools, which are organized within the disclosure of chromatographic techniques with applications in pharmaceutical and food industries and in the analyses of food matrices by NMR spectroscopy. It is emphasized that the Institute plays a major role at a European level for this type of analysis, as highlighted by numerous research contracts.