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The research activity of Dr Nicolaus at CNR-ICB is mostly concentrated on:
a) Microbiology: Isolation of microbes from special environments using appropriate
enrichment techniques, Purification and biochemical characterization of
microbial cultures, Maintenance and upkeep of different stock cultures for
varied laboratory usage, Growth kinetics of different organisms, optimization
metabolites Production and evaluation of anti microbial activity of chemical
agents and herbs. Strain identification by biochemical and molecular tests.
Based on my research, I have good knowledge and experiences in
fermentation and optimization process, strain identification, purification
methods. Biochemistry: Protein and enzyme assays, Protein purification using
Size exclusion, Ion exchange and Affinity chromatographic techniques,
Analysis of proteins and enzymes using Native and SDS-PAGE. Production
and purification of amylase from extremophiles: optimization of enzyme
production; The purification of enzyme was the next step by chromatographic
and protein precipitation methods; Isolation and Kinetic characterization of
microbial proteins (enzymes), bio-process scale-up by liquid, solid state
fermentations, down stream processes and immobilization of microbial
products. Isolation and purification of genomic DNA, restriction digestion.
Chemistry: GC-MS, NMR, Spectroscopy Analyses, Natural
ProductsBioinformatics: Blast analysis of Protein and Nucleotide sequences,
Multi sequence, Alignment and ORF study by EMBOSS program. Molecular
Biology: Isolation and purification of genomic DNA,
b) Biomolecules from agricultural waste such as polysaccharides, protein, lipids,
vitamins, antioxidative compounds: isolation, optimization, purification,
antioxidative assays, anticitotoxyc assays, chemical identification
Biothecnological applications: cosmetics, food integrator, pharmaceutical,
biodegradable plastic. The polysaccharides from natural sources have
remarkable interest among several biotechnological products and they show a
large range of applications in industrial field due to their commercial purposes
Some of them, for example, showing strong anti-genic and pathogenic
activities, are employed successfully by the pharmaceutical industry for the
formulation of vaccines, others are utilised as industrial food additivies taking
advantage of their chemical-physical properties such as emulsifying,
viscoelasticity, polyelectrolyte, adherence, bio-compatible, stabilizer, etc. One
of the main problems of food industry is the management of waste and their
conversion in products of higher value. Modern technologies eco-compatible,
promote the use of food waste to obtain biopolymers that can be re-used in the
same sector of the raw materials.-