Task Force END

Cnr has set up a Task Force dedicated to the National Experts Officers (END), meaning those professional profiles working in the public administration of EU member countries who make use of the possibility to carry out a working period of time (from 6 months to 2 years, renewable) at European Union Institutions, Bodies and Organizations.

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The Seconded National Experts Scheme (END) represents a form of mutual exchange, in terms of knowledge, skills and professional expertise, between the Member States public administrations and the EU institutions: the END Program, in fact, allows the officials to carry out an important professional experience at the EU, allowing the latter to benefit from qualified professional knowledge and expertise.

Cnr’s END Task Force has been active since January 2012 (Provision DG No. 2350 of 13/01/2012, renewed, with subsequent provisions of DG No. 16257 of 28/02/2014 and Provision DG No. 0008051 of '8/02/2016) with the purpose to:

- promote and support Cnr researchers’ applications in the selection procedures of the National Experts Seconded to the services of the European Commission, in particular at the Strategic Directorates General for Research and the agencies associated with them (eg: REA, ERCEA, etc.);

- create a collaborative network between the ENDs returning to service, detached ENDs, and departing ENDs, in order to encourage an exchange of information, professional experience and acquired skills;

- enhance the professional skills acquired by the END when coming back to service, at the mandate end, within the research strategies adopted by Cnr Institutes, Departments and Research Areas.

Cnr’s END Task Force is made up of the following members:

- Laura Esposito, Task Force Coordinator, CNR Research Area in Faenza

- Gabriella Leo, CNR Research Area in Monterotondo, Rome

- Francesca Tolve, CNR International Relations Office, Rome

- Michela Rosa, CNR Office for the Legal and Economic status of Personnel, Rome

- Anna Rita Appetito, CNR European and International Relations Office, Rome

- Anna Nucita, CNR European and International Relations Office, Rome

- Caterina Russo, CNR European and International Relations Office, Rome

- Claudia Toppi, CNR European and International Relations Office, Rome

- Monica Favaro, CNR Research Area in Padova

For contacts: taskforce-end@cnr.it  

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Last update: 02/03/2022