To become an End

Diventare END CnrThe selection of the ENDs is left at the judgment of the European Commission specific operational units which periodically publish the Calls open to all 28 Member States with the description of the professional positions and the relative skills required. In any case, a thorough knowledge of English and/or French and a satisfactory knowledge of a second official EU language, is always required.

Below, the procedure to submit your application:

  1. Choosing the Call for Proposals: identify among the vacant positions at the European Commission or its agencies those of strategic interest for Cnr requiring skills and work experience appropriate to own personal CV. The news about a selection of Calls of particular interest to Cnr is spread by the END Task Force by email and published on the dedicated web page. The complete list of Calls, regularly published by the European institutions, is available on the MAECI website dedicated to job opportunities in the European Union.
  2. Prepare the application: in order to apply for an END position is necessary to provide:
  • a CV in English (in European format) that clearly highlights work experience and skills relevant to the profile required by the announcement;
  • an accompanying note, allowed to be written in Italian, in accordance with the form drafted by MAECI;
  • a permit issued by Cnr’s Director General (see point 3).

The procedures for the application and the forms filling out (CV in European format, the accompanying note) are available on the MAECI’s website. To submit the request for “Nulla Osta”, use the updated facsimile drafted by the Task Force END.

Request of “Nulla Osta” to Cnr: the obtaining of the permit is an ex-ante condition to the candidacy, therefore it is extremely important to forward the request to the General Management before the deadline, or at least 15 days before the expiring date fixed by MAECI. The clearance must be requested by sending an e-mail to, cc, cc, specifying the position the National Expert intends to compete for, and the Call expiry date. The CV must be attached to the request, in European format, together with the copy of the announcement and the favorable feedback to the posting released by - the Director of the Institute and of the Director of the Department of affiliation - drawn up according to the attached form. For more information, see Cnr newsletter nr. 05/2016, or contact the END Task Force.

Sending the application: the Cnr, following the instructions provided by the Prime Ministerial Decree of the Prime Minister DPCM 184 of 30/10/2014, has identified the Task Force END as the unit responsible for sending the applications to MAECI (Provision of the DG, prot 0076160 of 11/11/2015). Thus, once the authorization has been obtained by the General Management, the applicant must send it to the Task Force by email, attaching his/her CV together with the accompanying note, at least one day before the deadline of the Call enforced by MAECI.

Attention: applications sent to MAECI following different channels, will not be taken into consideration.

Important: the deadline fixed by MAECI falls a few days before the one decided by the European Commission; this in order to allow a final check of the documents.


Selection and interview: after checking the completeness of the documents received by Cnr, MAECI will forward the applications to the Permanent Representation of Italy to the European Union (RPUE) in Brussels, which will forward them to the European Commission or to the Agency that had launched the announcement. The Commission/Agency will only call to interview, those candidates whose CV is judged of interest. The Commission /Agency generally informs the candidate about the outcome of the CVs selection, only if resulted successful. The timing of the CV selection procedure and invitation to the interview is not decided beforehand, and may vary from a few weeks to some months. In case of an interview call, the candidate will have to inform the Task Force by e-mail, as its staff can provide support for the preparation to the interview, and will keep the candidate informed on the outcome of the same.

Towards the posting: In case of positive outcome, the candidate must contact the END Task Force to activate the administrative procedures connected to the posting. In order to be detached, the Cnr researcher/technologist must receive a decree of secondment approved by Cnr’s CDA. The completion of this procedure takes about two months from the moment the Commission request is received by Cnr. It is therefore important to take this into account when setting the starting date for the service with the head of the Commission/Agency unit where the END will be carrying out his/her activity.

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