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IUPAB - International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics

The International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB) includes 61 countries and it is a member of ICSU (International Council for Science). It was founded in 1961 and its function is to support research and education in biophysics. Its main regular activity is the organization, together with the General Assembly, of an International Congress held every three years. IUPAB has the following Task Forces specifically devoted to the study of biophysics major fields:

  • Task Force on Education and Capacity Building
  • Task Force on Applications of Biophysics

The Task Forces also organize specialized meetings in association with the Congress which are held during the time span that goes from one Congress to the next. The Union has financial resources to use in support of conferences, workshops and schools; these funds are very limited and are normally used to provide support to the organizers. In allocating its funds, the Union gives priority, to the events that promote biophysics in developing countries and to the fostering of young researchers’ participation in its sponsored conferences.

Applications for grants must be submitted to the Secretary General before August of the year preceding the event.

The official journal of the Union is “Biophysical Reviews” published by Springer.


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