Construction technologies institute (ITC)


ITC, the Construction Technologies Institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), was established in February 2002 by Decree of the CNR President.

ITC's main office is in San Giuliano Milanese. The Institute gathers together four research Institutes, that are territorial divisions:
- Central Institute for Building Industrialization and Technology (ICITE)
- Institute of Refrigeration (ITEF) Padova
- Institute for Housing and Social Infrastracture (IRIS) Bari
- Institute for Multimedia Technologies (ITIM) Milano

ITC carried out its activity in research, development, technological transfer and training in the following scientific fields and with regard to the following topics:
o new materials or traditional materials used in an innovative way and innovative technological solutions for construction;
o new methodologies and tools for the performance assessment of components, systems and construction works;
o assessment and improvement of the use, safety and quality of the built environment and infrastructures;
o air-conditioning, heating, cooling and technological plants for construction;
o new information methods and tools, devoted to support design, realisation and management of the construction works;
o systems for the management and dissemination of scientific and technical information in the sector;
o research activity and services with high technological and scientific content with national and international bodies and technical-
scientific networks
ITC Staff : 120 people (Researchers, technicians, administrative)
ITC Budget 2002 : 8.8 million EURO