Institute on membrane technology (ITM)

Research activities

Main research activities of the Institute on Membrane Technology are:

Rende Headquarters
- Synthesis of new artificial membranes with catalytic and transport properties, and molecular separations;
o Simulation and modellistic of transport phenomena in membrane and membrane operations using computational chemistry;
o Polymeric, inorganic and catalityc membranes preparation;
o Study and development of membrane operations and membrane integrated systems in in agro-food, tannery, textile industry;
o Hydrogen production for fuel cells;
o Gas separation membrane and catalysis also at high temperature in industrial interest processes;
o Membrane and modellistic for the hydrogen production and purification;

- Membranes in artificial organs and biotechnologies;
o Membrane in artificial organs;
o Membrane operations in biotechnological processes;

- Prototype development and technological transfer of advanced membrane operations;

- Advanced research training and technological transfer of advanced membrane operations.

Padova Unit

- Innovative catalytic systems and functionalized membranes for eco-sustainable oxidations
o Transport phenomena understanding and functionalized membranes by means of theoretical studies with weak intramolecular interactions;
o Polymeric membranes integrating fullerenes and nanotubes;
o Catalytic membranes for the organic contaminants removal;
o Complexes of transition metals in mimetic membrane systems;
o Supramolecular chemistry. Molecular reactivity and recognition in micelles, vescicular aggregates and polymeric membranes.