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Mission of the Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM) is the research and development in the field of science and engineering of membranes. The research activities aim to promote knowledge, innovation and high-level training in the field of membranes and their application in water treatment, gas separation, bioartificial organs, biotechnology, food and agriculture. The ITM is internationally recognized for its peculiar skills in the preparation characterization of membranes (organic, inorganic, mixed matrix, biohybrid); transport phenomena through membranes; molecular selective membrane separations; development of catalytic membranes, catalytic membrane reactors, membrane contactors (including emulsifiers and crystallizers); development of integrated membrane processes; development of membranes in biotechnology, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Membranes are applied in strategic sectors such as energy, environment, health, manufacturing. In these areas, membrane technologies have achieved a leading role with a more than 20% annual growth. As part of national, European and international research projects, other than bilateral agreements, ITM has established collaborations with various Research Institutes, Universities and Companies located in Italy, Europe, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and United States. This reflects a remarkable ability to attract funds for the development of research and high education, affecting the socio-economic and cultural environment. The ITM attracts many researchers from renowned Universities and Research Institutions abroad, generating a dynamic and multicultural environment that enriches and stimulates further the activities of the Institute.

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