Institute for the Study of Regionalism, Federalism and Self-Government "Massimo Severo Giannini" (ISSIRFA)


The Institute provides consulting services to local, regional and national authorities. In addition, its website provides several institutional documents, scientific papers, bibliographies and reports, concerning the Regions, local and autonomous bodies, foreign cases. It also allows online consultation of the catalogue of the institute library.

For contacts: ISSiRFA Secretariat - tel. +39 06 49937700 -

The Library of the Institute provides researchers and external users (for whom it is open three mornings a week) bibliographic and legislative information and supports them in the consultation of catalogues. It allows the consultation of the bibliographic material (monographs, periodicals, collections of regional laws, CD-ROMs) and provides a document delivery service on request.
For contacts and schedule, see the page "Libraries".