Institute of computational linguistics "Antonio Zampolli" (ILC)


  • Hosting of web sites and mailing lists for national and international research projects
    Contact person: Alessandro Enea

  • Service of scientific documentation in the field of Natural language Processing (NLP)
    Contact person: Gabriella Pardelli

  • Language Resources evaluation activity within the Validation Network created by ELRA (European Language Resources Association).
    Contact person:Nicoletta Zamorani Calzolari

  • Provision of various types of Language Resources (corpora and lexicons in particular) by means of ELRA and both for research and commercial use.
    Contact person: Nicoletta Zamorani Calzolari

  • It is available for the national and international scientific community a GRID node fully managed by the ILC included in the IGI - Italian Grid Infrastructure network, that is part of the Grid network of EGI.
    The node is named CNR-ILC-PISA.