Institute of computational linguistics "Antonio Zampolli" (ILC)


The research and development activities of ILC fall into four main areas of expertise:

Text Processing and Computational Philology
Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Extraction
Linguistic Resources, Standards and Research Infrastructures
(Bio-)computational Models of Language Usage

The variety of the competence areas makes the Institute a unique reality on the national and international scene. The competences developed in the single areas are combined in a creative, innovative and productive manner within the different research projects, collaborations and laboratories, and involve different professional skills and expertise that extend across the disciplines of Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Computer Science and Bio-Engineering.

The Institute's expertise includes:

o Standardization of language resources
o Design and construction of computational lexicons for different languages WordNets
o Design and construction of textual and multimodal corpora
o Design and construction of ontologies
o Research infrastructure for the assessment and the distribution of linguistic resources and technologies
o Preservation of minority languages
o Digital Humanities
o Machine learning
o Information Extraction and Retrieval
o Multi-level automatic linguistic annotation platforms
o Methods and techniques for linguistic simplification
o Language assessment methods and techniques
o Terminological and ontological Knowledge Extraction from domain-specific documentary databases
o Sentiment analysis and opinion mining systems
o Technologies for the Semantic Web
o Computational models of language usage
o Computer Assisted Translation systems
o Platforms for text analysis