Institute of genetics and biophysics "Adriano Buzzati Traverso" (IGB)


Another consequence of the extensive network of partnerships and cultural exchanges with other laboratories (mainly European and U.S.) is an opportunity for young people to directly interact with well-known international scientists. In fact, every year more than 40 scientists, thirty of which foreigners, are guests of the Institute who give seminars in their areas of interest. Researchers coming from other Neapolitan scientific institutions also attend these seminars. The seminar is often preceded by a lesson allowing young people to a better understanding and enjoyment of the seminar itself. This gives to all the opportunity to exchange recent information and data with experts of international standing. Students and fellows working in the Institute are strongly encouraged to participate to these seminars mostly because they get new ideas and/or new experimental approaches. In this way, to these hundreds of students and fellows, a clear opportunity to expand the cultural horizons is given.