Institute of genetics and biophysics "Adriano Buzzati Traverso" (IGB)


The IGB "Adriano Buzzati-Traverso" is a world wide recognized institution devoted to basic and applied research. The research activity aims at the comprehension of fundamental mechanisms controlling mammalian cellular states through a multudisciplinary, convergent and integrated approach. This is achieved through the study of the molecular basis that at the genetic and epigenetic level defines the functional cell identity from the earliest stages of embryonic development until the complete organogenesis and during postnatal life, in normal pathological contexts. This conceptual ambition is strengthened by the integrated activities of specialized cutting edge technological knowledge in the biology of stem cells (embryonic and somatic), embryonic development and organogenesis, neurobiology, human genetics, molecular oncology, angiogenesis and immunology.

The Institute aims at understanding the molecular basis controlling genetically and epigenetically the cell state and cell identity during embryonic development and post-natal life in normal and pathological conditions.
These activities are focused on two areas:
Area 1 : Developmental Biology and Genetics(
Area 2 : Molecular Mechanisms of Human Diseases

Each Area includes 2 research lines.

Research lines Area 1:
- Embryonic Development and Biology of Stem Cells
- Neurobiology and Tissue differentiation

Research lines Area 2:
- Genetics, Genomics and Epigenetics of Diseases
- Molecular Oncology

Through diversified technologies in molecular and cell biology, the Institute is concentrated to the study of Human diseases and cancer. Human diseases include neurodegenerative, autoimmune, muscle, cardiovascular, metabolic, retinal and imprinting diseases, Rett and Down syndromes and Incontinentia Pigmenti.

Education and Training
The IGB is affiliated with graduate programs of the University Federico II and the Second University of Naples. In addition, it carries out undergraduate training for university students. It holds an International seminar series with speakers from prime research Institutions around the world, organizes hands-on courses for training young scientists in specialized technologies (e.g. stem cell handling, electron microscopy, etc). The Internal seminar program fosters scientific exchange among young scientists. It hosts and organizes an annual Workshop with Internationally recognized scientists. Lately, the Workshop has been sponsored by prestigious scientific organizations such as EMBO, FEBS and European Committee. In addition, many IGB scientists offer direct educational support to local Universities.
The Institute of Genetics and Biophysics A. Buzzati-Traverso hosts a broad variety of well-advanced technological platforms and resources/services to support competitive research programmes in the field of molecular and cellular biology. Most of these facilities are available not only to IGB staff but also to external users, within the frame of collaborative research programmes or as services, while some are shared with other institutes located in the Research Area of Pietro Castellino.