Institute of applied physics "Nello Carrara" (IFAC)


Many researchers of the Institute (including the director) are personally engaged in teaching and training activities:

o 6 teaching positions in University and Post-University Courses, mainly of the University of Florence, such as eg. at: Dept. of Physics and Astronomy; CdL Optics and Optometry; Degree Course in Diagnostics and Restoration Materials; School of Specialization in Medical Physics.
o 3 teaching assignments in 2nd level Masters, two on Radiation Protection and one on Laser Safety.
o 2 assignments at schools and private institutes
o 6 Assignments as Supervisors in 1 Triennial Thesis and 5 Master's Theses
o 7 Tutors / Co-speakers of PhDs from various Universities (UNIFI, UNIPR, UNISI, UNIVE)
o Tutoring for 16 research grants

In addition, the Institute has provided the following training grants:

o 9 Post-Doc Specialization Scholarships for technology transfer experts
o 6 Research Grants for Graduates
o 10 Research Grants for Post-Doc
o 2 Postgraduate Contracts
o 1 Post-Doc contract
o 1 non-curricular internship