European Documentation Center

The Central Library, already Depository Library of the European Commission since 1991, has established in 2006 the European Documentation Center (EDC) thanks to a new agreement concluded between the European Commission and the Central Library. The main purpose of the Center is to promote and support the teaching and research on European integration, as well as the dissemination to users, at University level and not, information and documentation on the European Union and its policies.

The EDC of Cnr fits into the wider European information network, established in 1963 by the European Commission in order to promote education and research on the process of European integration and act as intermediary between the European institutions and the academic world. The network includes approximately 400 centers around the world, 48 of which are in Italy. In this context actively EDC participates in the activities and projects promoted by the Italian Network of European Documentation Centers.

From 2007 to 2016 the staff responsible for the EDC of the Central Library of the Cnr is a member of the national coordination; from 2017 he was appointed national vice-coordinator (See CNR News of 7/07/2017 - italian only). In recent years the EDCs have redefined their role, marking a greater openness to the outside world and themselves increasingly as offices for the provision of information and documentation also active on the territory.

The EDC is displaced at the Room B of the Central Library 'G. Marconi' where are made available to the user several European databases and all publications, both periodic and monographic, in open-shelf. Among them, also the publications published by the Office for Official Publications of the European Union. There are, moreover, terminals for access to the site of the European Union and do bibliographic researches.

The EDC constitutes one of the points of service of information networks of the European Union and forms part, together with the EDIC, network EuropeDirect, which aims to bring Europe closer to the everyday lives of our citizens. Its main aims are:

  • to promote information, study and acculturation on the activities and values of the European Union;
  • to contribute, in order to increase transparency, to raise awareness of EU policies in all European citizens (even outside the world of University and research) and businesses;
  • to support universities and research centers in the promotion and development of teaching and research on European integration;
  • to offer to students, scholars, citizens from the world of work and the professions integrated services for information and documentation on the activities of the European Union, by consulting databases and different kinds of documentation;
  • to inform, in synergy with other Commission networks, on EU policies;
  • to maintain records by its sorting, cataloguing, indexing and positioning;
  • to become a key point of information on the institutions and policies of the European Union within the host institution.

EDC's publications are available through the OPAC of the Central Library:

Edc home page:

Openings: Monday – Friday from 8.15 a.m. to 18.45 p.m.

Closings: In August the Library is closed for reorganization of the warehouse.

Responsible documentalist: Maria Adelaide Ranchino, email: 

Last update: 13/11/2023