DIPLOMAzia2 is the second edition of the training multi-sectoral program generated by an agreement between the National Research Council of Italy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) aimed at training 30 young graduates and officials from the countries of North Africa, Middle East and the Balkan Region. As result of the close collaboration between the National Research Council and the MAECI General Directorate for Cooperation and Development, the initiative represents a further international policy instrument aimed at strengthening the dialogue and cooperation between countries through science and research. The selected young people will benefit from a training grant of six months financed by MAECI Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGCS) and the activity will be carried out at those CNR research institutes involved in the program and whose missions focus on the three below-mentioned scientific fields:

  1. Environment / climate change / resilience with particular attention to the Mediterranean area;
  2. Management and use of food resources aimed at the sustainability of agriculture and forestry, and at the mitigation of the physical and biological impacts of climate change;
  3. Governance of knowledge, management, preservation, enhancement and sustainable use of cultural heritage.

Applications must be submitted exclusively using the on line procedure published on the following webpage: www.cnr.it/diplomazia/.


For further information: info.diplomazia@cnr.it - tel. +39 06 49933350 Sig.ra Anna Rita Appetito


Last update: 16/04/2021