Call for Joint Archaeological Laboratories

Call for the establishment of International Joint Archaeological Laboratories of the Cnr (two-years period 2024-2025)

Procedures for submitting proposals for the establishment of four International Joint Archaeological Laboratories (two-years period 2024-2025) are available in the new online procedure "Joint Laboratories", and accessible with SIPER credentials.

Applications must be completed and forwarded exclusively to the address mentioned above no later than 12.00 on March 1, 2024.


General modalities
The funding of four two-year International Joint Archaeological Laboratories is envisaged to be established between researchers of the Cnr (Principal Investigator of the proposal of archaeological
laboratory and foreign research institutions for the following purposes:

  • carrying out excavation campaigns in foreign countries, with the participation of the host country and, if necessary, also of other countries participating in the excavation with their own funding;
  • the classification and musealization of the finds.
  • technology transfer;
  • participation in international calls for research funding.

The Joint Archaeological Laboratory is open to the participation of other foreign Italian research bodies and institutions and/or industries, which will be able to participate in the establishment of the laboratory itself with their own staff and/or funding.

The laboratories must be financed by each participating institution throughout the two-year period.

Proposals for the establishment of the Joint Archaeological Laboratory must correspond to the requirements listed below.

The Cnr will finance four Laboratories (for an amount between € 3.000,00 and 10.000,00 each per year), in relation to the program and the cost estimate presented and each proposal must concern the total sum of all the funding provided for the Joint Archaeological Laboratory. The financing for the second year of activity will be subject to the presentation of the accounting statement and the scientific report relating to the first year of financing.

The foreign partner, sharing the scientific approach and the cost estimate indicated in the proposal presented by the Cnr researcher, will have to sign the proposal itself committing to bear part of the expenses envisagedby the Laboratory and the missions of its staff. The proposal must also be signed by the Director of the Institute to which the Cnr researcher belongs.

Participants belonging to other research institutions or universities will be able to take part in the research provided that they contribute their own funding that will be indicated in the proposal.

The participation in the Joint Archaeological Laboratory by new Italian and foreign Partners can take place in the second year of the launch of the Laboratory itself.

The possible funding of the Joint Laboratory excludes the possibility for the proposing Italian researcher to obtain, for the entire duration of the Laboratory, other funding from this Cnr Unit. Cnr researchers already responsible for joint projects in progress under the bilateral agreements of scientific and technological cooperation, will not be able to submit a proposal for a Joint Archaeological


Operating methods
The Italian researcher (Principal Investigator) must be an Archaeologist and belong to a Cnr  Institute and must fill in the proposal paying particular attention to the section concerning the annual cost estimate
(for the first and second year). The following will be entitled to present the proposal for a Joint Laboratory:

  • the directors of institutes, researchers and technologists of the Cnr (I-II and III level);
  • personnel in possession of a provision of association with the Cnr valid for the entire duration of the Archaeological Laboratory (according to the procedures provided for by current legislation for the Institute of The Associate to the Cnr).

The Italian researcher in charge of the laboratory will have to ensure his commitment to carry out the activities envisaged by the laboratory proposal for the entire two years of funding requested, as any funding
will be transferred directly and exclusively to the CNR Institute belonging to the researcher in charge of the laboratory who will manage the assigned funds, reporting annually the activities carried out and the expenses incurred according to the procedures that will be communicated and based on the estimate indicated in the proposal. Any remodulations of the economic plan presented may be requested by the Italian coordinator, only for reasons ascertained and supervened, but must always be authorized by this Unit.

Any replacement of the Italian investigator must be submitted to the approval of the undersigned Unit, otherwise the financing and laboratory activities will be suspended.

Submissions of applications
The submission of applications, in English, by the Italian Investigator , must be carried out exclusively using the new online procedure:

For Cnr staff access is allowed using the credentials used SIPER. Should the Principal Investigator not be part of Cnr permanent staff but holds a decree of ‘Associatura’ to Cnr, it is necessary for the Web Administrator of his/her Cnr’s Institute to register his/her credentials in the ‘Institutes’ Area of Cnr Intranet:

The Application, which includes mandatory fields marked with a red star (*) must be filled out, online, by the Italian principal Investigator, following the procedures on Access to such link can be allowed only by entering SIPER credentials and password.The application must contain all the information requested and contain elements useful for the evaluation,

The application must also be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • in the case of a “Associated” investigator with the Cnr , the association decree;
  • the Italian Data Processor must declare that he has read, through a specific flag in the online application procedure.

The information on the processing of personal data; the information relating to the processing of personal data must be, however, duly signed by the foreign Data Processor for acknowledgment.

The processing of the aforementioned data will be carried out by the Cnr pursuant to art. 6 letter c) e) of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (EU);

Attention: the application and the cost estimate must be duly signed by the Italian investigator and the foreign investigator under penalty of exclusion of the Laboratory application.
N.B. The Italian Data Processor must declare that he has read the information on the processing of personal data, through a special flag in the online application procedure; the foreign investigator must declare that he has read by affixing a handwritten signature below; under the information on the processing of personal data, under penalty of exclusion of the application.

Limitations on the submission of the application

  • The members of the Commission of Experts for the scientific evaluation of laboratory proposals cannot apply;
  • No more than one application can be submitted by the same Italian investigator in the same call for laboratories.


Closure of the application
At the end of the compilation process, the application must be "closed" by the principal Investigator of the proposal. Following the administrative verification carried out by this Unit, the application must be validated by the Director of the relevant Cnr institute.

The validation of the Director must in any case be carried out by the deadline of 12.00 on March 1, 2024 : in the absence of the same, the application cannot be considered valid and accepted.

If before the deadline it is necessary to reopen the application "not yet validated" to verify its correct compilation, the nature of the attachments or to make any changes, the Director will have the opportunity
to "send in modification" the application.

For technical problems related to the procedure please contact only:


Grounds for exclusion of the application
The application will be excluded from the selection if:

  • it has been forwarded to the Cnr in a manner that does not comply with what is indicated in this announcement;
  • the files attached in the procedure to the application (cost estimate, consent to data processing, any association decree) are non-compliant;
  • the application and the cost estimates are not duly signed by the Italian investigator and the foreign investigator ;
  • the Italian Data Processor does not declare that he has read, through a specific flag in the online application procedure, the information on the processing of personal data;
  • the information on the processing of personal data is not duly signed by the foreign Data Processor;
  • the association decree does not comply with what is required.


Eligible expenditure

  • Expenses for missions of Cnr personnel or associated with the Cnr (at least 50% of the funding): missions carried out in the foreign partner country for excavation and research activities related to the Joint Archaeological Laboratory.
  • Any replacements or insertion of new collaborators must be communicated in advance to the undersigned Unit and authorized by the same.

The remaining part of the financing may be used for the following expenses:

  • Expenses for professional services / work contracts;
  • Expenses for non-inventoriable laboratory: material for the research activity concerning the Joint Archaeological Laboratory;
  • Expenses for the purchase of small laboratory equipment: specific for the realization of the research;
  • Expenses for the purchase of small laboratory equipment: specific for the realization of the research (n.b.: purchases and maintenance of PCs, tablets, and similar products, printers, cameras are excluded);
  • Expenses for dissemination of results: organization of workshops, publications, posters, brochures etc.,
  • Protection of knowledge (limited to the patent share due to the Cnr).


Ineligible expenditure

  • Project management;
  • Subcontracting
  • Expenses for purchases and maintenance of tablet PCs and similar products; printers and cameras;
  • Costs of maintenance of laboratory equipment;
  • Office and stationery equipment;
  • Any other general expenses (e.g. telephone, fax, miscellaneous utilities, paper, toner)


Evaluation and selection of projects 

The proposals will be evaluated by a Commission of experts appointed by the Cnr. The evaluation criteria for the proposals will be as follows:

  1. scientific relevance of the proposal (methodology, degree of originality and innovation);
  2. qualification of proposers;
  3. documentation and submission of the proposal;
  4. usefulness and necessity of bilateral cooperation;
  5. potential to create research and development for the Cnr;
  6. potential to attract private investment;
  7. exploitation and/or dissemination/publication of results;
  8. economic adequacy of the laboratory.


Publication of selection results
The list of selected Joint Archaeological Laboratories will be published on the this web page.

For information:
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CNR- Unità Relazioni  Internazionali
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Tel: +39 06 4993-3833


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