Call for Joint Archaeological Laboratories

Creation of CNR Joint International Archaeological Laboratories activity time span: 2021-2022 


A selection, having the purpose of creating four Joint International Archaeological Laboratories has been launched, and will be ruled by the following provisions:


Applications must be filled out and submitted exclusively using the online form reachable on this web page and forwarded via PEC email to the following address: no later than  November 20, 2020 at 12:00 (noon) (copy of the sent proposal, will have to be forwarded to the following e.mail:


General procedures

The financing is granted to four two-year International Joint Archaeological Laboratories to create between Cnr researchers (the Joint Laboratory proposal’s Team Leader) and foreign research institutions for the following purposes: to carry out excavation campaigns in foreign countries, with the possible participation of the host country, and, if necessary, also of other countries that might join the excavation with their own funding; to train young researchers; for technology transfer; to participate in international tenders for research funding, classification and museum exhibits.

The Joint Laboratory is open to the participation of other research institutions and centers and/or Italian and foreign firms, having the means to join in the creation of the laboratory itself with staff and/or its own funds.

The laboratories must be financed, by each participating institution, for the entire two-year period.

The proposals for the constitution of the Joint Laboratory must meet the below listed requirements.

Cnr will finance four Laboratories (with a yearly amount between € 3,000.00 and 10,000.00, each), this depending on the project planning and the budget proposed, and each application will have to mention the total sum resulting from all the funding that participants intend to devote to the Laboratory. The grant for the second year of activity will be subject to the submission of the audit statement and a scientific report relating to the first year of financing.

The foreign partner, approving and sharing the scientific approach and the budget mentioned in the proposal submitted by the Cnr researcher, will have to sign the proposal itself, pledging to cover its part of the expenses scheduled within the project including the research trips of its personnel.

The proposal must also be counter-signed by the Director of the Institute of affiliation of the Cnr researcher involved.

Participants affiliated to other research institutions or universities will be allowed to take part in the research, provided that they contribute with their own funding according to what planned in the proposal.

Participation in the Joint Laboratory by new Italian and foreign Partners may take place starting from the second year after the start-up of the Laboratory itself.

Possible financing of the Joint Laboratory would rule out the possibility for the proposing Italian researcher to obtain, for the entire duration of the Laboratory, other funding from Cnr Unità Relazioni Europee e Internazionali Office.

Researchers already responsible for joint projects that are currently officially ongoing within the framework of bilateral scientific and technological cooperation agreements will not be authorized to submit a joint laboratory proposal. They will be allowed to submit it only if the bilateral project is to expire on December 31st 2020.


Operating modes

The Italian researcher (Team Leader) must be an archaeologist affiliated to one Cnr'Institute and must complete the proposal paying particular attention to the section concerning the annual budget estimate (for the first and second year).

Entitled to submit joint laboratory proposals are:

a)  directors of Cnr Institutes, researchers and technologists (I-II and III level);

b) personnel holding a decree of association with Cnr effective for the entire duration of the Archaeological Laboratory (according to the legal procedures ruling the association to Cnr).


The Italian researcher in charge of the laboratory will have to ensure his/her commitment to carrying out the activities planned in the laboratory proposal for the entire two-year period of funding requested. This because the possible financing will be transferred directly and exclusively to the Cnr Institute where the researcher responsible for the laboratory is affiliated, since he/she will manage the allocated funds, reporting annually on the activities performed and the expenses incurred according to the rules that will be communicated and based on the estimate mentioned in the proposal. Possible re-modulations of the economic plan submitted, may be requested by the coordinator, only for ascertained and well-grounded reasons, and must always be authorized by the Unità Relazioni Europee e Internazionali Office.

Any replacement of the Italian team leader must be required in writing to this Office for approval, or, otherwise, the penalty of stopping the funding and laboratory activities will be enforced.


Eligible costs


- Expenses for research trips of Cnr personnel or that associated to it (at least 50% of the funding): research trips to the foreign partner country for excavation and research activities related to the joint laboratory. Personnel on duty, will be paid the trips abroad according to the rules fixed by the current legislation on the issue.

Any substitutions or adding of new collaborators must be previously notified to the Unità Relazioni Europee e Internazionali Office, and authorized by the same.

The remaining part of the grant can be used for the following costs:

- Expenses for professional services/work contracts;

- Expenses for laboratory material non subject to inventory: material for the research activity connected the Joint Archaeological Laboratory;

- Expenses for purchasing small laboratory instruments specifically linked to the carrying out of the research. Costs like purchase or maintenance of PCs, tablets and similar products or cameras, are ruled out;

- Expenses for results dissemination: organization of workshops, publications, posters, brochure etc., protection of intellectual property (limited to the share of the patent due to Cnr, by right).


Non eligible costs

• project management;

• subcontracting

• expenses for purchase and maintenance of tablet PCs and similar products;

• laboratory instrument maintenance costs;

• office and stationery material;

• any other general costs (eg. telephone bills, fax, various utilities, paper, toner)


Assessment and selection of projects

The proposals will be assessed by an Expert Board appointed by Cnr.

The evaluation criteria will be the following:

1. scientific relevance of the proposal (methodology, degree of originality and innovation);

2. qualification of the proponents;

3. documentation and presentation of the proposal;

4. usefulness and need for bilateral collaboration;

5. potential to boost research and development for Cnr;

6. potential to attract private investments;

7. exploitation and/or dissemination/publication of results;

8. the project costs appropriateness.


Publication of selection results

The list of selected joint laboratories will be made public on this web page.      



For information:  
Antonella Briuglia, Cnr - Unità Relazioni Europee e Internazionali
ph.: +39/06/4993-3833 




Last update: 02/11/2020