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Di seguito l'elenco dei nostri colleghi attualmente comandati a Bruxelles.

Nicola Di Virgilio – END al DG Agriculture and Rural Development, Unità D4 – Environment, climate change, forestry and bioeconomy

Nicola Di Virgilio is graduated cum laude in Agricultural science and technologies at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Agriculture. He holds a PhD Europaeus at the University of Bologna in sustainability of agro-ecosystems, integrated Geographical information systems (GIS) for environmental studies and Life cycle assessment of agricultural products and agro-energy chains for a sustainable use of the agricultural land. Researcher at the Institute of biometeorology (Cnr-Ibimet) in Bologna, he is currently seconded at the Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission, as policy analyst in the interaction of agriculture with climate change, environment and bio-economy. Former member of the preparation team of the platform 'Land and water engineering for adaptation' of the Climate-KIC (EIT), and among the initiators of the Climate smart agriculture booster flagship programme of the Climate-KIC (EIT). He has been involved in national and international projects, such as, among the others, the 'Inwine project - Innovation strategy for winegrowers' cooperatives', funded by the Climate-KIC as project coordinator, the 'Silk Italian technology for industrial biomanufacturing', the 'Optima - Optimization of perennial grasses for biomass production', as part of the WP6 Environmental studies on perennial crops, carbon and water fluxes between canopy and atmosphere. He presented his studies at several conferences (e.g. EU Biomass Conference, the Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops, 'The sustainable Italy' with a talk on Interaction between Climate Change and the traditional agro-food products).

Member of the Agronomy professional body obtained at the University of Bologna in December 2003, and of the advisory board of the EU project 4FCROPS - Future Crops for food, feed, fiber and fuel.

He won the best presentation award in 2016 at the Annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops - General crop division (Rochester, NY, USA), and the prize 'Ballatore 2004' of the Italian Society of Soil Chemistry (Siss), as best Italian thesis on soil chemistry. For several years, he has been co-author of the 'News from Research' included in the monthly magazine 'Agricoltura' of the Emilia Romagna region.

During his career, he worked on topics such as industrial crops, sustainable land use, GIS and LCA, fibre crops and dedicated energy crops, biorefinery, innovation in climate smart agriculture and related policies, field trial managements and agronomic data analysis.


Giovanni Felici - END ERCEA, Executive Agency of the European Research Council
Giovanni Felici

Giovanni Felici graduated in Statistics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". He was then awarded the Master of Science in Operations Research and Operations Management from the University of Lancaster (UK), and the Ph.D. in Operations Research at the doctoral school of "La Sapienza".

He is currently Senior Researcher at the Istituto di Analisi dei Sistemi ed Informatica “A. Ruberti”(IASI) of Rome, where he holds a permanent Researcher position since 2000. His research activities are in the fields of Operations Research, Mathematical Programming, Integer Programming, Logic Programming and Data Mining. His work is devoted to the solution of large and complex data analysis and optimization problems that arise in Optimization, Logistics, and Bioinformatics.

From 2005 to 2015 he has been the head of the research line Data Mining, Estimation and System Identification for the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of CNR. In 2001 he leads the scientific team of a project on thematic web search engines financed by the Italian ministry of Industry. In 2006 he leads a IASI team in an industrial project funded by the Italian Ministry of Industry for the development of a control system for marine surface transmission. In 2008 he participates to a research project funded by a private company for the enhancement of the optimization software used by the main Car rental Companies in Europe. In recent years he is collaborating with different bio-engineering research groups (EBRI, European Brain Research Institute, The Barcode of Life Consortium, The University of Milano Bicocca) for the application of logic data mining algorithms for the extraction of knowledge from genomic data. Since 2011 he is active on CNR Bandiera Nanomax, Interomics ed Epigenomics flagship projects and participates in the research infrastructure Sysbio on computational biology. From 2010 to 2012 he participates to the bilateral research project between Italy and Poland (CNR -Polish Academy of Science -PAN) for the development of new algorithms for bioinformatics. Since 2012 He is active on a cooperation research project between CNR and CNPq (Brasil) on probabilistic algorithms for large integer programming problems. Starting in 2013, he acts as IASI scientific manager of the projects: PRIN-MIUR with University of Tor Vergata (Rome) on Mathematical Models for HIV Diffusion; The CNR Premiale project ICT for Sustainable Mobility; the MIUR Premiale project MATHTECH-Mathematics for Society and Technological Innovation; the National Technological Cluster Torino Wireless on Intelligent and Sustainable Mobility, all approved for funding by public agencies. In 2014 he is awarded a CNR mobility grant to conduct joint research at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) in Melbourne, Australia.

He was treasurer and the vice-president of AIRO, the Italian Association of Operations Research, where he was delegate member for international relationships and communication; participated in the organization of several international scientific conferences and acted as senior consultant and scientific advisor for private firms and public bodies.

He delivered courses and Seminars in Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Operations Research in national and international universities public bodies, and private firms. He authored 40 scientific papers, 35 conference proceedings and 15 monographs and book chapters.


Lanfranco Benedetti - END al DG MOVE, Unita’  D2 – Sicurezza Marittima

Lanfranco Benedetti holds a degree in aeronautical engineering that has been integrated with related studies in aerospace engineering. He has been granted in mid 90s’ by INSEAN (Italian Ship Model Basin) for hydro-dynamical studies. He has been the Director of the experimental facilities for more than 10 years running research projects at national, European and international level. He is member and secretary of the Quality System Group of the ITTC (International Towing Tank Facility), Former vice-Chairman, Chairman of the ECMAR (European Council of Maritime Research) where he is still board member; contact point for CNR-INSEAN in EDA (European Defence Agency).

From 2009, he has been seconded to CESA (Community of European Shipyards’ Associations) where he is the Technical Director. In that position, he has been Project Manager of CASMARE, EMAR2RES and VISIONS-OLYMPICS and he has been responsible for CESA of MARCOM+, AQUO, LEAF, LEANWIND, TRAVISIONS, VECTORS. As Technical Director, he has been responsible for International Regulation and Technical Committee as delegate to (UN-IMO) International Maritime Organization for safety and environmental protection. In 2013, he continued his secondment to the newly born association SEA Europe (Ships and Maritime Equipment European Association) as Technical Director managing RDI policy and International Regulations developments. Delegate to EDA (European Defence Agency) where he has been responsible among others for the NAVAL Strategic Research Agenda. Since 2009, he has been secretary of the WATERBORNE-TP European Technology Platform (a EC recognized ETP) and the initiator of the initiative for a cPPP, VESSELS for the FUTURE.

From June 2014 seconded as SNE, to DG MOVE, Maritime Safety Unit where he is involved in International Regulations development for safety of navigation dealing among other things with UN-IMO regulatory process.

Anna Pelagotti - END al DG CONNECT Unita’  A1 – Fotonica

Anna Pelagotti is a Research Scientist of the Italian National Institute of Optics, CNR, Florence, detached since 1/10/2013 to the Photonics Unit (A1) of DG CONNECT, serving as Policy Officer.

Main responsibilities are related to policies and other activities concerning the move towards LED technology for illumination, as part of the general European Union energy saving targets, together to support Project Officers for H2020 funded activities and portfolio analysis of the photonics area.

2009 – September 2013: National Institute of Optics (INO) – CNR Research Scientist. Main focus: Image and data processing, Infrared Holography, automated 3D texturing.
Project coordinator of MIDST (Multispectral Imaging Diagnostics of Skin Tumors) project: Development of innovative devices for early diagnostics of Melanoma
2006 Co-Founder of Art-Test. Main focus: Services and devices for art diagnostics
2003 – 2006: INOA(National Institute for Applied Optics) -CNR, Research Scientist Optical Diagnostics for Works of Art Conservation. Main focus: Image and image sequence processing, multivariate data analysis
1996–2002: Philips Research Eindhoven (NL), Research Scientist Video Processing and Visual Perception Group. Main focus: Image and video processing.


Monica Favaro is a Research Scientist at Institute for Energetics and Interphases, CNR, Padova, detached since 1/11/2014 as Research Programme Expert to the Unit of Physical Sciences and Engineering  (B4) of ERCEA, the Executive Agency of the European Research Council (ERC). Main responsibilities at ERCEA are related to: The Evaluation and selection of research projects (Starting, Consolidator and Advanced grant calls): contribution to the definition, co-ordination and execution of calls for proposals, evaluations and selection of projects, Project /Process Management: support the follow-up of the research initiatives / activities / contracts, together with the relevant Project / Programme Officers and  support the horizontal activities, concertation and networking aspects of the programme and its projects.

She is graduated and holds a PhD in Chemistry from University of Padova.

Her research activity focuses in the fields of material science, environmental chemistry and analytical chemistry:

  • development of new materials and evaluation of innovative technologies for the conservation of the Cultural Heritage, i. e. historical buildings, wall paintings, paintings on canvas and polychrome artefacts in indoor and outdoor contexts, i.e. archaeological and monumental sites and museums;
  • development of analytical protocols to evaluate environmental effects on outdoor materials, i.e. polymers, inorganic substrates, hybrid organic-inorganic materials;
  • chemical reactions in heterogeneous phases, i.e. effects of water and pollutants, including heavy metals, on inorganic and organic matrices;
  • synthesis, characterization and development of innovative inorganic, hybrid materials for industrial applications, i.e. surface and embedding coatings, photo-catalysis, photovoltaics, energetics, optics, photoelectrochemical cells.

Scientific coordinator for Cnr-IENI of the following Research Projects:

2013-2014: EU granted project n. 609180 ECO-SHOPPING: Energy efficient & Cost competitive retrofitting solutions for Shopping buildings.  Large-scale Integrating collaborative project in PF7-2013-NMP-ENV-EeB.

2011- 2014 EU granted project n. 282998 PANNA Plasma and Nano for New Age soft conservation. Collaborative project in FP7-ENV-NMP.2011, Assessment and technological transfer of innovative plasma devices for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage assets;

2011-2014 EU granted project n. 283182 NANOMATCH: Nano-systems for the conservation of immoveable on moveable polymaterial Cultural Heritage in a changing environment. Collaborative project in FP7-ENV-NMP.2011, synthesis, performance assessment and industrial upscaling of alkaline metal alkoxides as carbonate precursors for strengthening of lime base materials;

2009-2014 Research activity of the National Research Council of Italy within the research framework of Cultural Heritage Department (DPC-CNR): PC.P03.002 “Characterization of materials of Cultural Heritage, identification of deterioration processes and development of conservation strategies”;

2011-onwards: Member of CEN and UNI committees for definition of EU and Italian guidelines for the conservation of Cultural Heritage

2009 Co-Head Scientist of a bilateral project in the framework of the Galileo program (French-Italian governmental agreement, between the Italian Ministry of Education, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry of National Education): Development of nanolayers from calcium metallorganic precursors for Calcium carbonate based materials.

 Laura Esposito - END European Commission DG RTG Directorate in the Research Infrastructure Unit as Policy Officer

Laura Esposito is Cnr Researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics in Faenza and is detached as Seconded National Expert at the European Commission since September 2015. She joined the DG RTG Directorate in the Research Infrastructure Unit as Policy Officer. She provides scientific and technical support to the project management. She promotes connections and collaborations with other Units of the European Commission for the implementation of the next Research Infrastructure Work Programme, in particular concerning the innovation tools for industries and SMEs.

2000-2015: At Cnr ISTEC as Group Leader on structural ceramics. She coordinates National and International research projects and contracts with private industries in the field of ceramic and composite materials for structural, functional and optical applications.

1995 -1999: At the University of California at Berkeley CA, USA, as Research Fellow sponsored by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Berkeley and CNR Italy. Responsible of a research project on the behaviour of ceramics and glasses at high temperature for the production of advanced materials with superior chemical, physical and mechanical properties.

1992 – 1994: At Cnr ISTEC and at the Centre for Technical Ceramics, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, as researcher on advanced ceramic materials (ceramic substrates for electronic applications, ceramic joining,  equilibrium stability of ceramic and metallic systems at high temperature)

1989 -1991:  At Keramont S.p.A Novara, Istituto G. Donegani Novara, S.I.R. Società Italiana Resine  Monza in Italy and at Keramont Corporation, Tucson, Arizona, USA  as researcher employed by the Montedison Group in the R&D Division for the research and production of AlN-based ceramic substrates for electronic circuits.  She has a PhD in Chemical Science. She published 70 scientific articles in International peer reviewed Journals and has an H Index of 15.

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