2019 - Joint International Laboratory Projects call results – 'Physical Sciences Sector'

The two selected proposals in the sector Optics, Photonics and Quantum Technologies are:

  1. Italian Principal Investigator: Costantino De Angelis
    Department: DSFTM;
    CNR Institute: INO, Brescia;
    Foreign Country: France;
    Foreign Project Manager: Guseppe Leo;
    Foreign Institution : Université Paris Diderot, Paris 7 (France);
  2. Italian Principal Investigator: Michele Devetta;
    Department: DSFTM;
    CNR Institute: IFN, Milano;
    Foreign Country: Germany;
    Foreign Project Manager: Francesca Calegari;
    Foreign Institution: Desy Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (Germany)




    Last update: 06/03/2019