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NEWS: Villa Vigoni, in cooperation with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, announces for the year 2019 the program of the ‘German-Italian Cooperation in the field of humanities and social sciences’.
The deadline is 15th December 2017.
The announcement as well as the application form ("Antragsformular") are available for download on:

Villa Vigoni is an association sponsored and supported by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Italian Republic with the purpose of backing the Italo-German relations in the fields of scientific research, higher education and culture. Villa Vigoni promotes Italo-German dialogue in a European and international perspective and organizes events that also involve many other nations. The thematic richness of the events that take place at Villa Vigoni comes in multiple modes: scientific meetings, topical political meetings, seminars for doctoral students, discussions between Italian and German journalists, round tables with economy experts. The wonderful landscape, the beauty and elegance of the buildings, the history of the families who lived in them, the importance and the variety of art collections, make this center one of the most fascinating in Europe.

It was in February 1983 that Don Ignazio Vigoni of Marignano Medici, the last descendant of a prestigious Italo-German family with no direct heirs, left in legacy to the Federal Republic of Germany his properties in Loveno Menaggio: land, cottages and two nineteenth-century mansions: Villa Mylius Vigoni and Villa Garovaglio Ricci. In these places Italy and Germany committed themselves to set up and finance a center of studies and meetings in the fields of science, education and culture; three years later Villa Vigoni was inaugurated as an Italo-German association that organizes and hosts conferences, seminars, artistic events and launches of scholarships. The Association's main referents are - for the German part - BMBF (the Federal Ministry for Education and Research) and - for the Italian side - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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