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ISSN - International Standard Serial Number

ISSN is the abbreviation of "International Standard Serial Number," or Standardized International Number of Serial Publications; it identifies periodicals, magazines, newspapers, yearbooks, monographic books and all other types of serial publications. It is of utmost importance for those who search for information in bibliographic catalogs, publishers, and distributors. The ISO standard of the system dates back to 1975; currently in force is the ISO 3297: 2007 Information and Documentation - International standard serial number (ISSN) adopted by UNI (Italian Association for Unification) as UNI ISO 3297: 2010 Information and Documentation - Unified International System for Numbering Publications In series (ISSN). The Italian ISSN Center was created at CNR in 1975; As of November 1st, 2005, the Center operates within CNR's Central Library, of which it is a Functional Unit. The Italian ISSN Center is a hub of the ISSN International Network and - in accordance with the Network's directives - has the task to:

  • identify edited publications in Italy, spotting the bibliographic essentials for international identification, and verifying if publications comply with publishing and content requirements fixed by ISSN system for issuing IDs;
  • assign the ISSN code to the compliant publications, as mentioned above;
  • supply and manage the national ISN data base, which is an essential part of the international data-base, forwarding information in real time to ISSN;
  • performing control and maintenance activity of registered bibliographic data, even after the issuing of the identification code;
  • promote the ISSN system in general and establish contacts with national publishers and bibliographic institutions.


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